Isabell Britsch

Isabell teaches mindfulness and self-compassion in regular meditation classes, dedicated courses over 4-8 weeks, and privately across London.

Isabell Britsch

Isabell Britsch started her teaching journey in 2009 and now teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation privately and at studios around London at a senior level. She also trains new yoga and meditation teachers. Her teaching is inclusive, and infused with warmth, care and humour.

Her flowing vinyasa yoga classes interweave yoga philosophy and thoughts on the psychology of the mind with intelligent, imaginative (and often somewhat unusual), fun sequences. Connection to the breath, attention to alignment, and encouragement to develop clarity and awareness off the mat are integral to her teaching. Isabell’s classes typically include hands-on assists and eclectic playlists.

Isabell trained as a yoga teacher with Yogacampus and in her ongoing advanced training is mainly influenced by Richard Freeman, Doug Keller and Rod Stryker.

Isabell’s mindfulness and meditation teaching is influenced by her long standing Vipassana and mindfulness practice. Courses and workshops cover a range of subjects including mindfulness, self-compassion, resilience, eastern philosophy, modern psychology, neuroscience and more. She also regularly gives talks on wellbeing, managing stress and building resilience in corporate environments. Every year Isabell leads several yoga and mindfulness retreats in the UK and abroad.

Isabell has taken extensive training in mindfulness and yin yoga with Sarah Powers, mindfulness and self-compassion with Karen Atkinson at MindfulnessUK, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness at an advanced level with David Treleaven. She trained in neuroscience with Dr Sarah McKay at the Neuroscience Academy.

Every year Isabell leads several yoga and mindfulness retreats in the UK and abroad. And she usually attends 3 weeks of silent meditation retreat every year at Amaravati Monastery in Hertfordshire, Gaia House and with her teacher Burgs. She is also influenced by the teachings of Tara Brach, Rick Hanson and Jack Kornfield.

Isabell holds accreditation by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body, the British Wheel of Yoga, and Yoga Alliance.

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