Charlotta Martinus

Charlotta Martinus has worked with teenagers most of her adult life. Firstly, as a language teacher both in the UK and abroad, exploring different pedagogical frameworks within different cultures.

Charlotta Martinus Portrait 2015

Charlotta Martinus started working with teens in the 80s when she started as an educator in the UK and Sweden. After a hiatus, working for the BBC, she returned in 2003 to teach young people yoga and quickly founded the Teen Yoga Foundation. She is a yoga therapist for mental health as well as a teacher trainer in yoga and has a clinical license for working within the NHS. The Foundation became a charity in 2016 and has trained 1600 teen yoga teachers. It has collaborated with Sport England, the BBC, several UK universities and also with the European Union. It is currently the Lululemon Here to Be partner. Charlotta’s book was published in 2018, Teen Yoga for yoga therapists and has sold 3000 copies worldwide. Charlotta is a regular contributor to the Om Magazine and Yoga Journal Australia and USA and also speaks regularly on the BBC about the importance of yoga for young people, she is the mother of two young men. In 2020 she was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Master of Yoga award by the International Yoga Alliance. The wellbeing of young people from diverse backgrounds is front and centre to all activities of the Foundation. Our team of 4 staff and 45 volunteers work tirelessly to achieve our goal of more yoga for young people across the world.