A teacher who has mastered the art of class sequencing can transform an otherwise mundane vinyasa class into something truly inspirational. Really effective sequencing requires much more than simply learning how to string postures together. It needs:

  • clarity of purpose
  • a good understanding of the mechanics of the body
  • recognition of how different postures and practices will impact the practitioner energetically.

This special one day workshop will help focus and deepen your understanding of how to employ the body’s mechanics together with the profound energetic ideas of yoga to create class sequences which will inspire your students, and which are safe and effective on all levels – physical, energetic, mental and emotional.

Although the whole day will address both physical and energetic aspects of sequencing, our morning session will focus primarily on the physical body. We will explore:

  • the balance between symmetry and asymmetry, between contraction and release, between internal and external rotation
  • variations on warm-up sequences
  • finding neutral and counter poses in dynamic sequences
  • efficient sequencing of muscle activation
  • creative approaches to balancing the three planes of movement
  • using repetition to build strength not strain.

In the afternoon, we will look at the interaction between some of the energetic templates which the yoga traditions have given us to help our sequencing. We will consider:

  • the five prana vayus, and how they interact with the five elements of nature
  • their relationship with the three gunas – rajas, tamas and sattva – and with the Ayurvedic doshas – pitta, kapha and vata
  • how to use sequencing to build the positive qualities of the doshas, and to tap into the ‘subtle doshas’ – tejas, ojas and prana
  • the importance of appropriate breath awareness, pranayama and meditation practices in effective sequencing
  • how timing and language impact on the effect of a class.

Although primarily aimed at yoga teachers and trainee teachers, the ideas discussed will be relevant to anyone with a self-practice – or wondering how to build their own practice. The day will mix theory, practice, and interactive experimentation, and will conclude with a taught practice bringing together many of the ideas discussed.

About Susanne Lahusen

Susanne Lahusen's early yoga background was in Astanga Vinyasa yoga, which she began to practise in 1991. Since then she has studied with a range of teachers. As well as yoga teaching, she holds qualifications in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis and Alexander. She has taught experiential anatomy and somatics for many years.

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About Graham Burns

Graham has taught yoga professionally since 2001, having first qualified in the United States. Since then, he has continued to study intensively, especially with leading US based teacher, Rod Stryker. Graham has a Master's degree in Indian Religions from the School of Oriental and African Studies of London University (SOAS), where he specialised in exploring the historical roots of yoga, and is now researching for a PhD on the Upanishads.

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Sunday 5th November 2017

9.30am to 5.00pm



Other Information

Maximum participants: 26

Number of hours: 6

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The Light Centre (Moorgate)


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For yoga teachers, trainee teachers, and all experienced yoga practitioners interested in learning more about how to sequence a practice.

What our students say

I would highly recommend this workshop to all vinyasa teachers. A big thank you to Yogacampus, Susanne and Graham for making my yoga journey a more interesting and joyful one! A Yogacampus student on Sequencing: the Deeper Dimensions, June 2014

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