Yoga as Therapy for Back Problems

Back pain can seriously affect our quality of life and is a major cause of time taken off work. This 2-day workshop aimed at yoga teachers and yoga therapists, will look at some of the most common conditions affecting the back, offering safe and effective ways to assess and advise clients.

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Each year some 40% of the population is affected by back pain and it costs £5 billion in lost working days and many people with back pain are told by their doctors to take up yoga. Thus it is very important for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, to know and understand enough about back problems to have the confidence to be able to help such students.

This 2-day workshop will look at some of the most common conditions affecting the back, how to determine which asanas might be suitable and which to avoid, and how to incorporate breath and mind (the koshas) in order to help relieve pain, mobilise and strengthen the spine, as well as for rehabilitation and problem prevention.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and pathology of common conditions including; herniated disc, facet joint sprain, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis, sacro-iliac joint pain, spondylolisthesis and more
  • How to assess and record posture and spinal movements
  • Pain relief
  • The role of the mind
  • Simple hands on bodywork techniques drawn from osteopathy and shiatsu
  • Yoga poses for different types of problem
  • Relaxation positions and techniques
  • Breath and visualisation

The workshop will contain some theory, as well as practical work, and is aimed at yoga teachers, trainee teachers and yoga therapists.

Anna has been teaching yoga for over 35 years, trained and worked as an osteopath, shiatsu practitioner and hypnotherapist and currently focuses on yoga therapy. She is a board member and teacher on the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma course and also taught for many years on the teacher training courses.

What our students say

Anna is a treasure of a teacher - her knowledge is deep, she conveys it well and lightly, has a sense of humour but takes her responsibility to teach so that understanding is felt in the body. Colleen Nicholas on Yoga as Therapy for Back Problems, January 2016

Course Information