"What I liked best is difficult to say as there were many things. As a total package I liked the lectures (mostly paced at a speed to follow comfortably) with supporting PowerPoints; I appreciated being provided the readings and not having to search and download them; I very much liked Ruth's input and opinions and willingness to chase up questions; I valued the thoughts from other participants and I liked the fact that we weren't bombarded [with] so much content that grasping the topic was unmanageable, but were provided with information relating to the salient eras in the yoga tradition. I feel better equipped and confident to come to my own conclusions about the way I practice and teach. I have a better understanding and interest in some of the practices I have come across that previously I felt uncomfortable with, and I am more accepting of different styles of yoga around me. " Carol Lecouteur on Online Training: A History of Yoga: The Latest Research, May 2018