""This was such an amazing course/retreat combination. I had signed on originally to learn more regarding anxiety and stress from a teacher for whom I have so much respect and because a number of my students have one or both of these conditions. This week provided so much more than that. There was space and support to explore the issues of stress, anxiety, and depression in a safe and caring way from the teachers, the students, and the people running the centre. I also have gained invaluable treasures to share with my own students which I have already begun to use. I have not done any in depth work regarding mindfulness so this a wonderful addition to explore. I look forward to furthering this knowledge in the future. I use meditation in my teaching and look forward to sharing some of the ones learned on the course with my students. There were wonderful resources shared by both the teachers and students. Lisa and Karen provided opportunities for practical applications in order to help absorb the learning. Les Passeroses is a wonderful, calming, nurturing place. They take such wonderful care of us and cater to all of our needs including fabulous food and massage! We were able to end our day with meandering walks through the French countryside watching the sunset. I’ve never been on a course or retreat quite like this one. There was harmony between nurturing and learning, respect and warmth, giving and receiving. I want to thank Lisa, Karen, the Les Passeroses team, and fellow students for making this such a life changing week!”" Diana Saline on Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion: Antidotes for a Modern Mind (France retreat), June 2017