Soma Prana Vinyasa is an evolution of vinyasa based in the roots of yoga, tantra, ayurveda and the flow of nature. Soma is a vedic-tantric understanding of the ‘revivifying elixir-nectar’, the secret of longevity, and a refined healing essence that can be regenerated with us through forms of meditation and natural flow. During this five-day intensive, we will dive into a juicy, regenerative practice to regenerate tissues, immunity and joy for life, and restore love through the healing lunar arts of yoga and meditative vinyasa.

Shiva will be offering 35 hours of training instead of the usual 30 hour intensive training format. This new approach to vinyasa is distilled from 24 years of evolution of vinyasa and is the first module (part one) to offer how to teach lunar vinyasa as a balancing healing approach to transforming stress and tensions, cultivating ojas and circulating nectar. Soma Prana Vinyasa™ is a regenerative practice that is one-half meditative prana vinyasa namaskars and deep lunar mudrasanas (long holds) and one-half inner arts of meditation, mantra, mudra, self-massage and deep shavasana. Soma is connected to the inner water, ojas, essence, vitality and amrita as the sublime nectar of healing – the energy that can green a desert, and restore love.

In this extra special five-day intensive you will learn a number of Soma Prana Vinyasa™ sequences for regeneration that incorporate the following elements of a Soma Prana Vinyasa practice:

  • Lunar Prana Vinyasa Namaskars for cultivating movement meditation, fluidity, rejuvenation
  • Lunar mudrasanas – long holds in forward bends, inversions, restorative and supine asanas
  • Meditation – mantra, mudra, and contemplation
  • Opening and closing chants for regeneration
  • Sahaja prana flow – healing flow of spontaneous movement
  • Pranayama –lunar breath flows and other prana kriyas
  • Wisdom sutras from the tantras and universal wisdom to bring into class
  • Prana nadi self-massage – with massage tools, sacred touch and optional essential oils or ayurvedic oils
  • Life-practices for cultivating ojas through Ayurveda

Training counts for 200/500 hr Samudra elective. Please contact Samudra School of Yoga.

We will be joined by critically acclaimed musicians including NME Awards nominee Anne Malone and other special guests.

You are encouraged to attend Shiva’s evening workshop on Tuesday 4th July to celebrate US Independence Day and explore Freedom in Flow. You can book your space here. You can also join Shiva on a pilgrimage to the ancient site of Avebury to connect our energetic body to the earth’s elemental energies on the 01st July – bookings here.

ATTEND ALL THREE OF SHIVA’S EVENTS AND RECEIVE A £25 DISCOUNT. You can see Shiva’s teaching schedule here.

Please note that Cecil Sharp House does not provide yoga mats or props and you will need to bring your own. Thank you for your understanding!

About Shiva Rea

Los Angeles based Shiva Rea is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga worldwide. Shiva began exploring yoga at the age of fourteen as a way to understand her name, given to her by her father, a surfer and artist. She has studied in the Krishnamacharya lineage, and explored Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Kalaripayattu, world dance, yogic art and somatic movement. Her studies and zest for life infuse her approach to living yoga and to 'embodying the flow'. She is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways.

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Sunday 2nd to Thursday 6th July 2017

9am to 5.30pm each day with a 90 minute lunch break.



Cost Includes

Includes a detailed manual.

Other Information

Maximum participants: 95

Number of hours: 35

How to book?



Cecil Sharp House


Full details

Open to teachers and trainee teachers as well as those already familiar with Shiva Rea and Prana Vinyasa. Please note that if you’ve never studied with Shiva before the level of this Intensive is unlikely to be appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure. You can email:

What our students say

Freedom to come out of the 'alignment' box as a way of experiencing the pranic body. Leonora Zotti on Chakra Vinyasa Summer Intensive June 2011, August 2014

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