Teaching vinyasa is an art that requires teachers to develop related tools using their voice, hands-on assists, observation and energetic awareness to provide guidance that facilitates the state of flow of a class. Learn the art of teaching Prana Vinyasa® – or Prana Flow® – as originated by the iconic Shiva Rea.

This empowering and evolutionary vinyasa training, is the only one of its kind being offered at Yogacampus. Led by the UK’s first Affiliate Prana Flow Trainer®, Alessandra Pecorella, this specialist course will offer you the tools to embody the energetic flow of yoga on and off the mat, deepen your practice, and learn to share vinyasa for all levels. This self-contained 90-hour teacher training course is aimed at aspiring trainees and seasoned teachers alike. Join Alessandra on a holistic and authentic journey to teaching vinyasa yoga.

The Training
Through the full-spectrum Wave Sequencing of Prana Vinyasa, you will learn the energetic alignment for core asanas within the Mandala of Asanas™ as taught at Samudra School of Yoga, based upon an integrated understanding of the following principles:

1) Movements of Prana;
2) Practical anatomy;
3) Open and strengthen the core structures of embodiment from head to toe, skin to subtle body;
4) Teach alignment in the flow of movement with creative and effective solar/lunar sequences.

You will begin practicing the art of teaching on the very first day, developing the teaching tools of using your voice, hands on assists, observation, and energetic awareness to facilitate the state of flow within a class. In this 90-hour training, you will focus on the Prana Flow® method of teaching alignment in the flow of a practice, creating movement alchemy that balances the elemental body and a deep understanding of asanas within the Mandala of Asanas™. Energetic alignment will be emphasised to begin to cultivate the balancing of the Five Elements and full spectrum embodiment of the organising intelligence of our life-force through the movements of Prana.

You will explore the many dimensions of creating a soul-inspiring class; guiding the microcosm of your students to experience healing connection to the whole. This approach to teaching encourages an evolutionary journey into living yoga as we begin to heal the body of our life through the empowerment of a full spectrum practice. We will emphasise teaching from a flow-state to translate this integrative practice to our students. You will learn 10 Namaskars – 10 Solar and 10 Lunar Sequences as the starting point for teaching vinyasa in a full energetic spectrum.

The 90 hour training will run over six weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as follows:

Module One: Embodying the Flow – Prana Vinyasa & the Art of Solar vs Lunar Namaskar
Module Two: Embodying Earth – Foundation Earth
Module Three: Embodying Water – Standing Asanas, Hip Opening, Fluid Flow
Module Four: Embodying Fire – Twisting and Arm Balances
Module Five: Embodying Air & Space – Backbends and Standing Balance Asanas
Module Six: Embodying Lunar Prana Vinyasa

Module One: Weekend of 10-11 March 2018
Module Two: Weekend of 24-25 March 2018
Module Three: Weekend of 21-22 April 2018
Module Four: Weekend of 12-13 May 2018
Module Five: Weekend of 09-10 June 2018
Module Six: Weekend of 23-24 June 2018

This is a unique opportunity for trainees, new teachers and experienced teachers to connect with the source of vinyasa methodology and practice, as originally taught by Shiva Rea herself. Alessandra has been practicing with Shiva for the last 15 years and assisting her for the last five years. She is also the Founder and Principal of Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living, which is affiliated with Samudra School of Yoga, offering 200/500 hour teaching qualifications.

Additional Certification
The 90-hour training can also count towards a 200-hour qualification with Shiva Rea through Samudra School of Yoga. Please contact Samudra School of Yoga directly for more information. Alternatively, you can continue the training directly with Alessandra through her school, Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living based in London. Both schools are affiliated and you can find more information by contacting Aditya Yoga School.

Please see the attached Prospectus for a module breakdown and more information. Note the full price for this course is £1440 payable in four instalments of £360 each. Please note the full course fees must be paid by the start date of the first module. See information on the right-hand side of the page.


You will receive a 90-hour certificate of attendance from Yogacampus.

About Alessandra Pecorella

Alessandra, a second generation yogini and electronic engineer, has lived according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda from an early age and for nearly three decades. She has studied in many traditions such as: Bhakty, Surya, Astanga, Prana Flow, Kriya, Raja, Tantra and Ayurveda with foremost teachers and swamis, from both the East and the West. She is the Founder and principal of Aditya, Yoga School for Conscious Living.

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Module One: 10-11 March 2018
Module Two: 24-25 March 2018
Module Three: 21-22 April 2018
Module Four: 12-13 May 2018
Module Five: 09-10 June 2018
Module Six: 23-24 June 2018

9.15am to 5.45pm each day with one hour for lunch (7.5 hours per day)


£1340 until 25th January 2018 payable in full. £1440 thereafter payable in installments of £360 (Please see cost details below).

Cost Details

Full details

You can take advantage of our special £100 discount if you pay the full course fees up front until 25th January 2018. Please contact to pay the discounted rate of £1340 in full.

If paying in installments, you will be required to pay a non-refundable £360 deposit upon booking followed by 3 further installments of £360 payable on before the start of the course. Please note you will be required to set up a standing order details of which will be sent to you with your booking confirmation. The total price of the course is £1440.

Cost Includes

Detailed manual

Other Information

Maximum participants: 25

Number of hours: 90

How to book?



Dance Fusion Academy


Full details

Opent to yoga trainees, new teachers and experienced teachers wishing to learn about vinyasa methodology and practice.




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