From footballers to runners and triathletes; there is a growing interest in yoga among athletes. They are looking to yoga teachers to help them keep their bodies injury-free and to sharpen mental focus. However, there is a difference between the average yoga enthusiast and a fully focused athlete. The athlete generally has no ambition to “make progress” in their yoga practice; their ambitions are elsewhere, and probably much harder to achieve.

This 5-day intensive training is a follow up to 2016’s highly acclaimed Yoga for Sports course which was fully booked. You can view a clip from last year’s training here. Jim Harrington is an Australian based in Cape Town. He has 20 years yoga teaching experience, holds a diplomas in Remedial Therapies and Sports Therapies, and has years of experience with professional athletes. His background includes a stint as the Yoga Coach to the Indian National Cricket team in a bid to improve fitness and mental focus and 2 seasons touring India with the Delhi Daredevils IPL team.

This course will offer you the skills to work more effectively and safely with athletes and to understand the mechanics of yoga in a sport’s context. If you are a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, coach or a movement therapist working with soft tissues, then this cutting edge course could be for you.

Each morning will start with a Yoga for Sport practice; offering physical yoga postures that are most versatile and useful for the majority of athletes. Jim will also guide students into each of the following topics over the course of the training:

The “problem” of generic yoga
Who made up the rules of yoga alignment? Take a closer look from an anatomy and physiology perspective. Jim believes that traditional yoga practices, applied intelligently, can enhance performance in any person, but it isn’t a “one size fits all” method.

There are many myths and “rules of thumb” in yoga; some of these are misplaced or not based on healthy biomechanics. We will explore functional movement as a paradigm for yoga practice and how this fact alone prevents many serious sports people from enjoying the benefits of yoga. Specifically, we will focus on the lower limbs and pelvis, the shoulder girdle and lumbar spine as well as identifying a better way to view “core strength”.

This “alignment re-defined” aspect of the course is a foundation that will be useful to all yoga practitioners who are looking to improve their asana practice and also for sustainable and safe ways to practice. A solid understanding of biomechanics, joint structure and functional movement is essential for working with serious sports people so this is the starting point for the Yoga for Sports practices.

What is the role of the yoga coach? And who else is in the team?
We will explore all the practicalities of working with mid-to-high level sports people and how to work effectively in a professional sports environment. The planning starts with identifying targets, goals, injury profiles, body mechanics and mental state in a chosen field, and then applying interventions from the ancient yoga practices.

One bad injury can literally end a sports career. We will explore yoga as prehab and as rehab in sports, identifying and explaining common injuries and problems. In this extended course we will spend more time analysing what makes up healthy or unhealthy posture, and typical imbalances that develop through our sports and life. We will look at the possibilities of postural correction and management through yoga asana.

Introduction to mind training
An application of Mindfulness with breathing and other breath techniques and the physiology of getting in the zone; we will apply Pranayama to sports, specifically with regard to fitness, recovery, and VO2 max. Practical pre-match breathing ratios and techniques to enhance calm and focus will be taught.

Creating a class plan
A deeper delve into the art of sequencing and planning classes for specific purposes; understanding training periodisation, recovery, pre-event and post-event restorative yoga.

Research Paper
Students will be required to submit a short (800 words) research paper. It is hoped that this exercise builds the confidence to continue working in the this very rewarding field. Specific instructions will be sent via email to students upon registration for the course.

Please note that this workshop counts towards elective hours on the_ Yoga Therapy Diploma

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You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance further to successful completion of the course and its requirements

About Somdev Vasudeva

Somdev Vasudeva received his B.A. in Sanskrit and M.A. in Prakrit from the University of London and Ph.D. from the University of Oxford.

read Somdev Vasudeva's biography

About Karen O’Brien Kop

A long-standing practitioner of yoga, Karen has an academic blog at She is currently completing her doctoral research project, which centres on the Yogasūtra of Patanjali in relation to Buddhist textual accounts of yoga in the early 1st millennium CE.

read Karen O’Brien Kop's biography

About Jason Birch

Dr. Birch is a post-doctoral research fellow at SOAS University of London, and researcher on the Haṭha Yoga Project. He obtained his doctorate from Oxford University and his area of expertise are the premodern traditions of Haṭha- and Rājayoga

read Jason Birch's biography

About Paul Woodhouse

Paul has been a First Aid trainer with Emergency First Response since 2009 with the aim is to link First Aid to anatomy and physiology resulting in an understanding of why First Aid emergencies happen and how to react to them professionally.

read Paul Woodhouse's biography

About Susie Ro-Prater

Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice tutor and composer for choirs.

read Susie Ro-Prater's biography

About Timothy McCall

Timothy McCall, MD is a board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine, and the author of two books, Examining Your Doctor: A Patient's Guide to Avoiding Harmful Medical Care (Citadel Press) and Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing (Bantam).

read Timothy McCall's biography

About Richard Kravetz

Richard Kravetz has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years to adults, children and people with special needs. He holds a BWY Diploma for teaching adults and children and served as County Rep for North London and City 2005-2013.

read Richard Kravetz's biography

About Sherezade Ruano-Santana

Sherezade is the Founder and Director of TheBreathingPractice programme, a project inspired by ancient techniques such as Yoga and Meditation, and driven my medical outcomes. She is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in arrhythmias based at Imperial College NHS Trust, with extensive knowledge and background in Cardiovascular Research.

read Sherezade Ruano-Santana's biography

About Beryl Lovegrove

Beryl began practicing Yoga over 40 years ago and has been teaching yoga to children for the last 10. Beryl is a qualified teacher with Yogacampus and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga.

read Beryl Lovegrove's biography

About Dr Katya Langmuur

Katyayani or Dr Katya Langmuur has fifteen years worth of experience in teaching meditation among her many other achievements.

read Dr Katya Langmuur's biography

About Emma Naisbett

Having worked as an education professional for over 20 years, Emma has an exceptional understanding of primary teaching across all key stages.

read Emma Naisbett's biography

About Ulrica Norberg

Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg is an inquirer and thinker and has throughout her life been creative and contemplative, always with the intention of “how can you express an opinion if you don’t try, dvelve into it or explore it” – in mind and spirit.

read Ulrica Norberg's biography

About Jyoti Manuel

Jyoti has been practising yoga and meditation for over 40 years and has been teaching since 1990. She founded Special Yoga in 2004 with the humble vision to provide a nurturing, safe and inclusive setting to deliver the work to special children and their families in the UK.

read Jyoti Manuel's biography

About Chris Dunkerley

Chris Dunkerley has been a first aid instructor for many years. He has practical experience gained with voluntary organisations and with the ambulance service.

read Chris Dunkerley's biography

About Lucy Arnsby-Wilson

Lucy was first introduced to yoga whilst studying her BSc in Psychology at Goldsmiths College. It was also at this time that she began working with young people with a diagnosis of autism as a home education tutor.

read Lucy Arnsby-Wilson's biography

About Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a London based internationally recognised yoga teacher with an infectious passion for the practice and life.

read Kirsty Gallagher's biography

About Gillian Shippey

Gillian is a Yoga Therapist based in Hebden Bridge who was first introduced to yoga whilst training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the 90’s. Gillian began teaching 17 years ago working with professional dancers including Phoenix Dance Theatre and Carte Blanche, Norway’s national contemporary dance company.

read Gillian Shippey's biography

About James Mallinson

James Mallinson is Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical Indian Civilisation at SOAS, University of London. He has edited and translated several texts on hathayoga from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries CE.

read James Mallinson's biography

About Jill Amison

After discovering the transformative and healing powers Yoga had on her partner's Leukemia diagnosis, Jill has completed a 500hr Teacher Training, trained as a Yoga Therapist specialising in Yoga for Cancer, and most recently completed a 300hr advanced teacher training. Jill truly believes yoga is for everyone and teaches in a way that encourages and supports Every Body.

read Jill Amison's biography

About Sophie Carr

Sophie has been studying, practising and teaching yoga and meditation for 25 years.She specialises in teaching mindfulness, yin yoga, restoratives, pranayama and pregnancy yoga. She is also a birth doula and mindful birth educator. Sophie co-owns the Stables Yoga Centre in York, which is home to the Yogacampus North teacher training.

read Sophie Carr's biography

About Pip Elysium

London native Pip Elysium is a founder of AcroYogaDance, artist and Global AcroYoga teacher. Pip trained in ballet school but before graduating was already looking for a different approach to exploring movement and the body. After graduating Pip travelled to India to study Ayurvedic and Yoga in at the home of ayurvedic medicine, in Kerala. This is where she found began her path of by a 'whole body' healing system.

read Pip Elysium's biography

About Eugene Vegan Butcher

Eugene is a yoga teacher, acroyoga teacher, martial artist and leading innovator in the evolution of AcroYogaDance - a transformational partner practise, which develops union, trust and harmonious movement between two people. Eventually manifesting as a partner vinyasa, a moving meditation and elegant acroyoga dance.

read Eugene Vegan Butcher's biography

About Chloé McKay

As an experienced yoga teacher and physical therapist Chloé has taught both in London and internationally. Chloé trained in London and is a fully accredited teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga.

read Chloé McKay's biography

About Ayala Homossany

With an unyielding appreciation for the creative elements that yoga entails, Ayala Homossany uses her background in classical ballet and design to bring her own unique teaching into classes. Ayala is the author of the Enchanted Wonders ™ cards and is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga and a senior Yoga Alliance teacher.

read Ayala Homossany's biography

About Justine Baines

Justine served in the NHS for over 25 years and since then has devoted to her passion of early infant years in to better supporting families in to their transition to parenthood. By using the techniques of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, this allows her to develop skills in understanding how babies communicate and interpreting their behaviour, and disseminate these skills in a therapeutic way. Justine is a Registered Nurse for Adults as well as Registered Health Visitor and holds a Bachelors of Science with Honours.

read Justine Baines's biography

About Sonia Perry

Sonia started Yoga at 14. Since then she has enjoyed practicing a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles.Having worked with a wide range of complementary therapies (Reflexology, Kinesiology, Healing, Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy) for over 20 years, Sonia has extensive experience of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. With this she is able to help Yoga students get to grips with the breadth and depth of this ancient science.

read Sonia Perry's biography

About Sivani Mata

Sivani Mata has been practicing yoga asana since childhood, over the years developing her understanding of the practice in align with the wisdom and intuition of her own body. She has been greatly inspired by her incredible teacher and friend Uma Dinsmore-Tuli who has helped her to listen further to her own intuitive wisdom and honour the cycles and rhythms of life that arise naturally.

read Sivani Mata's biography

About Janice Wong

Janice started teaching yoga in 2001 and is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher (500hrs), a breast feeding peer supporter (UNICEF) and certified to incorporate hypnotherapy into Pregnancy Yoga classes (Yogacampus).

read Janice Wong's biography

About Ben Wolff

Ben is a London-based yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and dream yoga practitioner. He is a tutor for London-held Total Yoga Nidra teacher trainings, and a contributor to the Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation.

read Ben Wolff's biography

About Alessandra Pecorella

Alessandra, a second generation yogini and electronic engineer, has lived according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda from an early age and for nearly three decades. She has studied in many traditions such as: Bhakty, Surya, Astanga, Prana Flow, Kriya, Raja, Tantra and Ayurveda with foremost teachers and swamis, from both the East and the West. She is the Founder and principal of Aditya, Yoga School for Conscious Living.

read Alessandra Pecorella's biography

About Raquel Alves

Raquel started teaching in 1992 and is qualified with Para Yoga (Rod Stryker), BWY and Sivannanda. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching, with great attention to alignment and empowers her students to have fun and to inquire within, and aiding them to empower themselves.

read Raquel Alves's biography

About Yvonne Morey

Yvonne has practiced yoga for over 13 years, exploring many styles but most extensively Iyengar. Yvonne has worked as a counsellor in schools and community settings for 10 years. Yvonne completed her TeenYoga training and Yoga Alliance TTC with Charlotta Martinus and brings together her experience as a counsellor and yogi to inform and inspire both young people and yoga teachers.

read Yvonne Morey's biography

About Tanja Mickwitz

Tanja teaches mindful and alignment-based vinyasa which she likes to refer to as ‘soulful flow’ as there is always an emphasis on making an inner connection and moving much deeper than just the outer shape of the poses.

read Tanja Mickwitz's biography

About Fabiano Culora

Fabiano’s relationship with Yoga began in 1995 as a student of traditional Hatha forms. This companionship has taken his practice down many paths meeting various styles, as his bodymind needs shifted through his life journeys. As a facilitator he now offers students support from a release based, somatic perspective to yogic enquiries. He has a regular class In Leeds which he titles ‘A Somatic Approach to Yoga.’ He is registered with ISMETA.

read Fabiano Culora's biography

About Anna Bhushan

Anna has taught meditation to over 300 people and has run meditation teacher training courses for the last four years.

read Anna Bhushan's biography

About Louise Tanner

Louise has been teaching Yoga for 13 years. She is qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and has completed intensive teacher and yoga therapy training with the the inspirational Mohan family (A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan and Ganesh Mohan). Her studies with the Mohan’s are ongoing and together with Jane Craggs, Louise is now teaching classes, retreats, workshops and clinics as Svastha Yoga Manchester.

read Louise Tanner's biography

About Abdul Jamal

Abdul Jamal is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent to yoga teachers.

read Abdul Jamal's biography

About Kate Binnie

Kate has been working as a clinical Music Therapist for over 10 years and works in a hospice in Oxfordshire, where she integrates yoga and mindfulness techniques into her therapeutic work with patients and their families.

read Kate Binnie's biography

About Sarah Scharf

Sarah Scharf (MFA) is a yoga teacher and teacher trainer using movement practice as an avenue to create resilience, freedom, creativity and self-knowledge to improve quality of life. She holds a BA in Dramatic Arts and an MFA in Physical Theatre, she has worked as an actor, director and movement director.

read Sarah Scharf's biography

About Lizzie Lasater

Lizzie Lasater believes that we are all already Buddhas, we just don’t know it yet. She learned yoga from her mother, Restorative yoga pioneer and Yoga Journal Magazine co-founder, Judith Hanson Lasater. Raised in San Francisco, Lizzie lives in the Alps with her Austrian husband.

read Lizzie Lasater's biography

About Narayani

Narayani is known for her powerful devotional singing and for facilitating voicework that opens the heart and encourages our highest expression. A qualified yoga teacher, she leads kirtan and voicework workshops around the world.

read Narayani's biography

About ALV Kumar

Dr ALV Kumar is internationally recognised as an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher/ teacher trainer as well as an award-winning scientist. who brings together western science and ancient yogic wisdom. He learnt directly under Vishnudevananda, Satyananda, BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Desikachar, Swami Rama and other renowned teachers, as well as unknown but equally accomplished Himalayan masters and monks. In 1992 he was involved in a road accident, and was told that he might not walk again. He was bed ridden for two years, but used his deep knowledge of yoga to design a programme of treatment for himself and, by the following year, he was mobile and in two years he could run. In gratitude for the benefit he has received he has dedicated his life to teaching yoga and meditation.

read ALV Kumar's biography

About Adelene Cheong

Adelene is a leading teacher of restorative yoga, with a particular specialism in yoga for scoliosis. She sees yoga as a journey of continuous, liberating experiences, open to everyone, and continues to be inspired by her main teachers, Judith Hanson Lasater and Donna Farhi, who she regularly assists on workshops and trainings.

read Adelene Cheong's biography

About Emma Henry

One of London's most popular teachers, Emma holds advanced certification in Jivamukti Yoga. She hosts yoga workshops and retreats around the world, and is a mentor for the Jivamukti Teacher Training programmes.

read Emma Henry's biography

About Charlotte Watts

Charlotte is a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher (SYT) who first discovered yoga as a way to overcome stress, before training to teach and moving on to focus on yoga for those with ME and Chronic Fatigue and chronic pain. She is also an award winning nutritionist and author of five books.

read Charlotte Watts's biography

About Anne Malone

Anne Malone is an internationally recognised singer/songwriter and musician, as well as a lover of yoga and meditation. This combination gives her a deep understanding of how music and movement flow and unfold with ease and grace, creating a wonderful world of sacred sound.

read Anne Malone's biography

About Penny Roberts

A yoga teacher for nearly 20 years, Penny is a certified yoga therapist with a special interest in postural and structural assessment and adjustments; joint replacement rehabilitation; breath; and yoga for the less mobile.

read Penny Roberts's biography

About Michael Stone

The late Michael Stone was an activist, family man, and teacher of yoga and Buddhism. His method was to slow down traditional yoga sequences and explore them anatomically and psychologically. He continues to be the voice that inspired a new generation of practitioners integrating social change and contemplative practice, and has authored five books, most recently 'Awake in the World: Yoga & Buddhist Teachings for Living an Engaged Life'.

read Michael Stone's biography

About Charlotta Martinus

Charlotta Martinus has worked with teenagers most of her adult life. Firstly, as a language teacher both in the UK and abroad, exploring different pedagogical frameworks within different cultures.

read Charlotta Martinus's biography

About Janine Hurley

Janine has taught hugely popular pregnancy yoga and kids' yoga classes in Manchester since 2005. As well being a qualified general yoga and mother and baby yoga teacher, and has also managed the children's yoga programme at the Independent Yoga Network festival. Janine has been assisting Uma Dinsmore-Tuli on Northern trainings and workshops since 2011.

read Janine Hurley's biography

About Zephyr Wildman

Zephyr has been teaching yoga in London since 2002, having trained with the very first intake of Yogacampus trainees. She has been teaching on the Yogacampus Yoga Teacher Training Diploma course since 2005. Her teachers Rod Stryker, Richard Freeman and Doug Keller inspire her to share the blessings found in Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, and the art of energetically sequencing bespoke therapeutic practices for students of all different abilities.

read Zephyr Wildman's biography

About Mary Mackie

A student of yoga for over 30 years, Mary is qualified not just as a yoga teacher, but also as a yoga therapist, a nurse, and an active birth practitioner. A British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor, one of her specialities as a teacher trainer is anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga teaching.

read Mary Mackie's biography

About Lisa White

A long time student of, and assistant to, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, as well as a Yogacampus teacher training graduate, Lisa has taught perinatal yoga for over 8 years. She is the founder of Lotusbaby, and now of Yoga Place Baby where she is developing a complete range of pre and postnatal practices. Lisa has practised yoga since the age of 4.

read Lisa White's biography

About Marc Beuvain

Marc Beuvain studied yoga therapy in India at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. He has 15 years of international teaching experience and specialises in a personalised approach, adapting yoga to each person's needs and making inner reconciliation accessible to each individual.

read Marc Beuvain's biography

About Norman Blair

Norman is one of the most experienced yin yoga teachers in the country, having taught the style since 2003. His practice and teaching embrace both ashtanga yoga and yin yoga.

read Norman Blair's biography

About Leah Barnett

Leah has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has completed the KHYF (BWY) advanced yoga teaching qualification, Leah now works mainly on a one to one basis with adults affected by chronic illness including ME/chronic fatigue.

read Leah Barnett's biography

About Donna Southwell

A dedicated Astanga practitioner and teacher, and mother of two children, as well as an experienced teacher of pregnancy and post-natal yoga, Donna has a particular interest in how yoga can be used specifically to benefit women during pregnancy and beyond.

read Donna Southwell's biography

About Amanda Latchmore

Amanda is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher and Somatic Movement Educator based in Harrogate. She has practised yoga since the early 1970s and taught since 1997. Originally a teacher of Astanga Vinyasa, Amanda's main teaching influences now are the work of Donna Farhi and Amy Matthews. Amanda has Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification from both Donna Farhi and Erich Schiffmann.

read Amanda Latchmore's biography

About Paul Palmarozza

Iinvolved in training and education for over 30 years, Paul has been a tutor in philosophy, specialising in Advaita Vedanta, at The School of Economic Science since 1975, where his studies have also encompassed the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, Sanskrit and jyotisha (Vedic astrology).

read Paul Palmarozza's biography

About Jane Craggs

Jane first encountered yoga whilst in University, studying drama and then whilst living in Spain she began to study in the classical yoga tradition and completed teacher training there. She undertook further training with the BWY and on Donna Farhi’s advanced teacher training programme. She has been teaching in Manchester since 2001 when she set up Yogaspace and subsequently Manchester Yoga Shala - a yoga teachers collective.

read Jane Craggs's biography

About Susanne Lahusen

Susanne Lahusen's early yoga background was in Astanga Vinyasa yoga, which she began to practise in 1991. Since then she has studied with a range of teachers. As well as yoga teaching, she holds qualifications in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis and Alexander. She has taught experiential anatomy and somatics for many years.

read Susanne Lahusen's biography

About Mark Singleton

Mark Singleton has a Ph.D in Divinity from Cambridge University. He has published extensively on modern yoga, including the first collection of scholarship on the topic, Yoga in the Modern World (2008), and the ground-breaking study of the modern history of āsana, Yoga Body, The Origins of Modern Posture Practice. He is a yoga teacher in the Iyengar and Satyananda traditions. His opinions on yoga have appeared (among other places) in the New York Times and Yoga Journal.

read Mark Singleton's biography

About Ruth Westoby

Ruth is fascinated by yoga both in academia and practice. She began exploring yoga practices twenty-two years ago and has taught for over ten. As well as posture-based classes she teaches history and philosophy on yoga teacher trainings and workshops.

read Ruth Westoby's biography

About Lisa Kaley-Isley

A licensed clinical psychologist in the USA, as well as an experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Lisa has conducted research trials into yoga therapy for anxiety, depression and various medical disorders. Since 2004, she has been bridging her knowledge of psychology and yoga to provide yoga therapy to individuals struggling with the everyday stresses of life, mild to severe anxiety and depression, and the concomitant physical and psycho-emotional challenges of coping with acute and chronic medical illness. She is currently training in yoga therapy with Gary Kraftsow, founder of the American Viniyoga Institute, whose principles strongly influence both her teaching style and therapy work.

read Lisa Kaley-Isley's biography

About Nirlipta Tuli

Nirlipta Tuli is a BWY accredited yoga teacher and clinical hypnotherapist and has taught all aspects of yoga nidra for over 15 years, both in group sessions and therapeutically to individuals.

read Nirlipta Tuli's biography

About Karen Atkinson

Karen has a Nursing Degree (Hons), alongside complementary therapy qualifications and is a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. She is also on the Yogacampus teaching faculty. Karen has over 17 years of experience teaching Mindfulness and is passionate about making Mindfulness more widely known and experienced.

read Karen Atkinson's biography

About Julie Gudmestad

Julie Gudmestad has been active in Portland, Oregon, as a yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist for over 30 years. Her yoga teaching is primarily informed by the Iyengar method, with modifications to the traditional approach that have significantly enhanced its effectiveness, safety and clarity. Julie has integrated Western medical knowledge with yoga training into a unique teaching style.

read Julie Gudmestad's biography

About Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait is the Chairman and Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute and successor to Sri Swami Rama. Born into a family tradition steeped in spiritual wisdom, Pandit Tigunait has lived and studied with renowned yogic adepts and lectured and taught worldwide for over 30 years. He has written 14 books and holds two doctorates.

read Pandit Rajmani Tigunait's biography

About Michael Bond

Michael Bond teaches anatomy and physiology, and provides first aid tuition to students and teachers completing a yoga teacher training diploma course.

read Michael Bond's biography

About Rolf Sovik

Rolf Sovik, Psy.D, began his study of yoga/meditation in 1972. A student of H. H. Swami Rama and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, he has trained in the US as well as in India and Nepal. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology as well as degrees in Eastern studies, philosophy, and music.

read Rolf Sovik's biography

About Shiva Rea

Los Angeles based Shiva Rea is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga worldwide. Shiva began exploring yoga at the age of fourteen as a way to understand her name, given to her by her father, a surfer and artist. She has studied in the Krishnamacharya lineage, and explored Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Kalaripayattu, world dance, yogic art and somatic movement. Her studies and zest for life infuse her approach to living yoga and to 'embodying the flow'. She is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways.

read Shiva Rea's biography

About Doug Keller

Doug Keller has degrees in philosophy from Georgetown and Fordham universities, and has taught yoga internationally for many years. He has been teaching workshops and trainings in the therapeutic applications of yoga for a decade, and is known not only for his effectiveness in communicating this ever-evolving approach in these trainings, but also for his extensive writing on the topic in magazines, journals and his two-volume work on 'Yoga As Therapy'. He is also, in addition to his travelling and teaching, a Distinguished Professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health in their Master’s Degree programme in Yoga Therapy.

read Doug Keller's biography

About Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman is one of the world’s leading teachers of Astanga Vinyasa yoga. He began the practice of yoga asana and meditation in 1968 and subsequently found an integrative vision in the teachings of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Richard’s teaching style is unique in that it continuously restructures and reframes the biomechanical and perceptual forms of the asanas and movements in the context of a profound understanding of yoga philosophy, all laden with humour and compassion. Richard spent nearly nine years in Asia studying various traditions which he incorporates into the Astanga yoga practice.

read Richard Freeman's biography

About Graham Burns

Graham has taught yoga professionally since 2001, having first qualified in the United States. Since then, he has continued to study intensively, especially with leading US based teacher, Rod Stryker. Graham has a Master's degree in Indian Religions from the School of Oriental and African Studies of London University (SOAS), where he specialised in exploring the historical roots of yoga, and is now researching for a PhD on the Upanishads.

read Graham Burns's biography

About Anna Blackmore

Anna has been teaching yoga and practising as a bodywork therapist since 1982. She holds Sivananda and Iyengar yoga teaching certificates and has practised and studied many other yoga styles. She also has extensive qualifications and experience in western and oriental therapies, including osteopathy, shiatsu and hypnotherapy.

read Anna Blackmore's biography

About Katrina Repka

Katrina Repka's early training in her native Canada was in Astanga Vinyasa, but her primary influence and teacher is Yogiraj Alan Finger. Katrina is proud to have been the first teacher to offer ISHTA in London.

read Katrina Repka's biography

About Sasha Markovic

Sasha has been teaching yoga for 15 years. Originally a lecturer in art history, she trained as an Iyengar teacher in 1995, and has since then studied extensively with Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga. Shandor is now her main influence and Sasha has undertaken advanced teacher training with him.

read Sasha Markovic's biography

About Sarah Litton

Sarah has been practising yoga for 30 years and teaching for 15 years, and during this time has explored many styles of yoga. She was a physical education teacher from 1983 to 1997. In 2002 she developed rheumatoid arthritis, and due to the understanding gained in rehabilitating herself, she has focused for the last six years on individual sessions in yoga therapy/remedial yoga, while also in her teaching introducing intelligent alignment in postures to preserve the integrity of the joints and prevent compression.

read Sarah Litton's biography

About Liz Lark

Liz has taught since 1995, is a BWY Diploma holder (1994), and is a registered 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher. Her teaching and practice is rooted in Astanga Vinyasa (Derek Ireland being her main teacher through the 1990s), however increasingly she is drawing inspiration from the subtle teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga (visualisation, yoga nidra) and other arts to inspire and liberate the spirit.

read Liz Lark's biography

About Judith Hanson Lasater

San Francisco based Judith Hanson Lasater has taught yoga since 1971 and is one of the West's best known and most highly respected teachers. As well as extensive study with B. K. S. Iyengar in India and the United States, Judith has a doctorate in East-West psychology and is a physical therapist.

read Judith Hanson Lasater's biography

About Tias Little

Trained in Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, and a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Tias Little brings to his teaching a wonderful play of metaphor and imagination. He is a licensed massage therapist, and his somatic studies have included in depth training in cranio-sacral therapy. Tias has a Master's degree in Eastern Philosophy from St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he directs his school Prajna Yoga with his wife Surya. He is the author of three books.

read Tias Little's biography

About Catriona Brokenshire

Catriona has been practising regularly since 1980 and teaching full time for the last 15 years. Catriona originally trained with Godfrey Devereux at The Life Centre; she then went on to complete a BWY Diploma course. Her main practise was initially Astanga Vinyasa and she practised regularly with John Scott for 2 years.

read Catriona Brokenshire's biography

About Rod Stryker

Rod Stryker is the founder of ParaYoga and has taught tantra, meditation, and hatha yoga for more than 30 years.

read Rod Stryker's biography

About Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli was first introduced to yoga at the age of four, has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1986 and qualified as a yoga therapist in 1999.

read Uma Dinsmore-Tuli's biography

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January 2018, Yogacampus London

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Young People - Manchester
February 2018, Yogacampus Manchester