Teaching yoga in a class setting requires a different skillset to teaching clients on a 1-1 basis. So how do we confidently gain and safely utilise these skills? In this day-long workshop, Sarah Litton will be offering practical tips and skills to prepare you for teaching on a 1-1 basis. With a focus on integrating yogic principles, Sarah will show you how to structure your private session to include asana and postural analysis, philosophy and energetics to help bring balance to your client. This session will also positively inform your class teaching if you are teaching small groups.

Principles covered in the workshop:

Yoga Asana and Postural Analysis
No individual is perfectly aligned physically, so it is important to understand how to identify postural imbalances and how they may manifest in a yoga practice. If not specifically addressed, postural imbalances can become greater the more we practice, thus increasing the potential for injury. By learning how to identify these tendencies in our clients, we are more able to assist them to self-correct with intelligence, thus rebalancing their bodies and their practice over time.

Philosophy and Spirituality
By incorporating the philosophy of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we can learn how to balance the mind as we align the body, which can significantly decrease anxiety and stress levels.

Koshas and the Energetic Body
The internal alignment of the Bandhas (via the three diaphragms), the Anamaya, Pranamaya and Manamaya Koshas, along with the correct mechanics of breathing – offer our clients the practical means by which to deepen inner awareness and create the optimum conditions required for a safe and life-long practice.

Sarah Litton has been a Board Member and on the Teaching Faculty of the Yogacampus Level 1 Teacher Training Programme since its inception in 2003 and has also taught on the Yoga Therapy Diploma Course. She teaches Pranayama, Philosophy and all aspects of Yoga Asana, specialising in 1-1 sessions for rehabilitation and correctional work.

About Sarah Litton

Sarah has been practising yoga for 30 years and teaching for 15 years, and during this time has explored many styles of yoga. She was a physical education teacher from 1983 to 1997. In 2002 she developed rheumatoid arthritis, and due to the understanding gained in rehabilitating herself, she has focused for the last six years on individual sessions in yoga therapy/remedial yoga, while also in her teaching introducing intelligent alignment in postures to preserve the integrity of the joints and prevent compression.

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Saturday 18th November 2017



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Maximum participants: 15

Number of hours: 6

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The Light Centre (Moorgate)


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Open to yoga teachers and trainee teachers.

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