Ever sat in your practice or yoga class and thought … “I’d love to play live music and create the perfect playlist…but I am not a musician”. Anne Malone says, “yes you are, and yes you can”.

Let’s demystify the world of sound, experience the joy of playing music, compiling a playlist and creating a Savasana Sound Bath.

In this workshop with NME nominee Anne Malone, students will explore the essence of Sound, experience the ease of selecting and sharing music that moves and inspires your practice, learn how to use music as a healing sound and rediscover the joy “playing music”.

We’ll explore the fundamentals of choreographing your favourite music, creating an organic mix to enhance your meditation or yoga practice with a perfectly flowing playlist.

The workshop will cover the following four elements:

Singing Bowl Chakra Placement
Placing the singing bowl on various Chakras, we will learn how to sing the bowl with ease while balancing directly on the body, allowing the depth of vibration to resonate and release energetic stagnation. This method of healing sound has extraordinary effect on the body, and will play an integral part in our workshop.

Shamanic Drumming
Connecting to our heartbeats through shamanic drumming, we will explore the gentleness of heart rhythm, expanding into movement.

Sound Bathing
Sound bathing is when sound actually becomes physical, its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound, these vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages

Master Playlist
Explore the fun of creating a flowing playing for your yoga classes! We will learn how to enhance your meditation or yoga practice with a perfectly flowing playlist. If you feel you simply lack confidence and knowledge of music, this is easily remedied with guidance and practice.

Working in small groups, you will practise your newly learned skills together and share the exquisite simplicity and bliss of the sound and music.

“Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys on the hang are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life”. – Shiva Rea

“Anne’s hang playing seems to come from another, more beautiful universe and beckons us to ‘come along, come along‘”. – Jai Uttal

About Anne Malone

Anne Malone is an internationally recognised singer/songwriter and musician, as well as a lover of yoga and meditation. This combination gives her a deep understanding of how music and movement flow and unfold with ease and grace, creating a wonderful world of sacred sound.

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