It is an exciting time to be working with yoga in education!

At the 2015 and 2016 Instill conference, we focused on identifying and discussing the benefits of yoga for young people in schools. During the conference and since we have seen a lot of evidence of these benefits, and furthermore that schools are beginning to notice the value of yoga. Figures from the Department of Education in 2010 indicate that 22% of primary schools offered yoga in some form in the UK at that time, and over the intervening years it has become increasingly available in secondary schools. The practice of yoga for young people is extending and consolidating, here and in other countries.

With this in mind, the Instill conference aims to offer a forum for everyone working with yoga in education, which includes schools interested in offering yoga as well as PE teachers and yoga teachers. The conference is an invitation to come together and explore current practices and research findings in the field in order to develop a coherent, powerful and unified voice for yoga in education and to identify and share good practice in yoga in schools.

Yoga is rising to the challenges of helping schools respond to PSHE outlines, responding to Ofstedā€™s focus on Social and Emotional Learning and also the new requirement to deliver Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural guidance to pupils. The conference offers a valuable opportunity to explore these challenges. We are moving forward from a focus on why do yoga to how.

Instill is now in its third year, and we hope to provide plenty of spaces for reflection and conversation, aiming to promote interaction and exchange of ideas, so that all the voices are heard.

Here is a clip from the 2015 conference.

About Charlotta Martinus

Charlotta Martinus has worked with teenagers most of her adult life. Firstly, as a language teacher both in the UK and abroad, exploring different pedagogical frameworks within different cultures.

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