Pranayama is the branch of yoga which explores how modifying our breath affects the human system on both gross and subtle levels.

Learning how to cultivate healthy breathing habits which result in positive changes in our physical and mental states, is an essential tool for both teacher and student in helping to optimise and maintain well-being and equilibrium. Many of these techniques are simple to learn, yet profound in their impact on our physiology at a cellular and chromosomal level.

There are literally thousands of Pranayama techniques, of which only a small fraction are familiar to most teachers today. In combination with his scientific background, as a master of meditation and Kayachikitsa (yoga therapy), Dr Kumar offers a unique perspective on Pranayama and its various applications, particularly for Western students lacking access to original Sanskrit texts.

This workshop will provide a special opportunity to experience and explore practical methodologies for addressing many common ailments from heart disease, diabetes and obesity to depression, anxiety and insomnia.

We will also be examining the significance of external and internal respiratory techniques, and the Ayurvedic concepts of prakritika and vaikritika, which relate to the balance/imbalance of our elemental nature.

About ALV Kumar

Dr ALV Kumar is internationally recognised as an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher/ teacher trainer as well as an award-winning scientist. who brings together western science and ancient yogic wisdom. He learnt directly under Vishnudevananda, Satyananda, BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Desikachar, Swami Rama and other renowned teachers, as well as unknown but equally accomplished Himalayan masters and monks. In 1992 he was involved in a road accident, and was told that he might not walk again. He was bed ridden for two years, but used his deep knowledge of yoga to design a programme of treatment for himself and, by the following year, he was mobile and in two years he could run. In gratitude for the benefit he has received he has dedicated his life to teaching yoga and meditation.

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