Maybe you have seen the flyer at the studio, talked with others who have participated in the program, or just find the idea of yoga teacher training intriguing.

Yet, you keep talking yourself out of it. You make excuses as to why it won’t work right now. You tell yourself teacher training is only for flexible students, those that can do impressive postures like handstand, or only for those that want to teach yoga.

What if those thoughts are simply holding you back from stepping into something extraordinary, even if teaching yoga is not on the horizon for you?

Think about what happens when you come together with other like minded individuals and share a yoga class experience. There’s a little magic in there, right? Now, take that and multiply it by a thousand and you’re starting to get in the ballpark of what it is like to gather with a group of other high intentioned friends and share 200 hours of study, practice, and transformation.

Need any more motivation to go for it? Here are other great reasons to enrol in the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma:

👉 You’re ready for change.

You will not be the same person after you graduate. Trainings ignite change in a person’s life, and not always in ways you expect or anticipate.

👉 You have been practising yoga in classes for a while and are craving to deepen your practice

If you’re considering a YTT, you’re probably already aware that asana is just one part of yoga. Our training is a comprehensive foundational course that teaches asana, anatomy (physical and energetic), meditation, pranayama, philosophy, teaching skills and living your yoga off the mat. You will graduate from the course well equipped and with the confidence to put your new knowledge and skills to use in your own practice & in teaching accessible open classes.

👉 You’re looking to meet passionate & likeminded people

Learning, practising and teaching together involves being brave, vulnerable and open. You will encourage and support each other to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and grow together. As you evolve and flourish together fellow trainees will fast become your closest yoga family.

👉 You want to explore yoga as a practice for EVERY body

We believe it doesn't matter what your size, age, level of physical ability is or any other aspect about your person that might have led you to feel marginalised or excluded, yoga IS for you. Everybody deserves access to the profound transformational and healing benefits of an embodied yoga practice, no exception. Accessibility is a core aspect of our diploma courses.

👉 You are ready to face your demons.

This profound growth process requires you to peel back layers of old habits and to find the courage to release heavily ingrained patterns. You will have the opportunity to release judgment and unhelpful self-talk, in the process uncovering authentic confidence.

👉 You want to learn how to be more present in your life

Teacher training teaches you how to listen in a deep, intuitive way both to yourself and others.

👉 You want to learn how to skilfully hold space

Holding space means that we are present for others or ourselves. We hold space by witnessing “what is,” without distraction, desire, or judgment. To be able to be truly mentally and emotionally present without judgement in will change your life.

👉 You want to bust yoga myths.

Thanks to the Internet, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. A good teacher training will help you understand what is factual and what is not.

👉 You want to figure out what unique gifts you have to offer the world.

Taking this time to nourish yourself, you will become more aware of what you really want to contribute your time and energy to, even if it isn't teaching yoga. A 200 hour training is a deep learning experience which allows you to explore and develop your skills in numerous ways - many students go on to develop expertise in specialist areas that transform their approach to work and life.


Our students say: “It has actually been one of the best experiences of my life! It’s been incredibly hard work at times, yet ultimately it’s been a very rewarding and enriching journey. We've shared so many unforgettable moments of hard graft, self-discovery, newfound kinship and laughter! So glad I embarked on this new challenge.”

Well, what are you waiting for?! Sign up to one of our FREE Taster sessions today, and view upcoming diploma intakes below. We can't wait to meet you!

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