What makes the Yogacampus Teacher Training course special?

The Yogacampus training is really special because it brings together an amazing board of diverse teachers to learn from. Each one of them has a wealth of background knowledge in different areas and is inspiring in their own way.

The in depth modules taught in person are balanced with periods of self study. Becoming a teacher is a journey. The length of the course provides the opportunity for everyone to get shaken out of their set routines, question everything and gather a firm foundation of knowledge from direct experience. The transition to start teaching and the changes that go alongside it can then unravel gradually.

I think it’s really valuable that Yogacampus provides a very inclusive and non-dogmatic environment to learn in, that gives each trainee the opportunity to find their own voice and style of teaching. In addition Yogacampus organises intensive training modules with world renowned international teachers to complement and go beyond the initial teacher training and allow each teacher to remain inspired to teach and continue to deepen their knowledge.

What do you love the most about passing your yoga knowledge on to students?

Of course I love the most that I get to share what I’m really passionate about. I love that my work directly ties in with the values I choose to base my life on. It gives me an opportunity to share from my life journey, which also in so many ways is the journey of others. So teaching yoga means there’s a real connection with my students, a shared exploration of everything that life throws at us – and an opportunity to wake up to the richness of life.

To teach and to hear the teaching becomes a way of looking after ourselves in a holistic manner – body, heart and mind. And to benefit from the positive impact this increased awareness and understanding has on our life.

If you were describe the ethos of Yogacampus in 3 words what would they be?

Inclusive, non-dogmatic, in-depth.

You can learn more about Isabell by visiting her website. If you would like to learn more about the Yogacampus Teacher Training please click here.