Can you believe that this year marks 15 years of the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma? Wow! We’ve just started with our 30th intake in London and our reputation has ensured our programme can thrive in York and Manchester too. To celebrate this landmark, we talk to just some of our ever-inspiring graduates!

What makes the Yogacampus Teacher Training course special?

What makes the Yogacampus course so special, in a nutshell, is the people and the course material. In both respects you get quality. Highly experienced teachers delivering top level content that you can be confident has years of experience and research behind it.

What makes a great yoga teacher?

I believe a great yoga teacher (a) passes on only what they truly connect with from what they have been exposed to in their own learning journey; (b) delivers a student centred class and not a dogmatic/tradition/teacher focussed class; (c) is teacher who fully understands that their students may well project all sorts of things onto them in the teacher: student relationship and understands the importance of ethical best practice.

What do you love the most about passing your yoga knowledge on to students?

On a physical level it is incredibly rewarding to hear someone who has been coming to your classes report first hand how they might be no longer experiencing those aches and pains that they have been feeling for years. Perhaps on a deeper level it is equally rewarding to hear how what you have passed on has helped someone to feel less anxiety in their life or simply feel better in some way.

You can learn more about Adam on his website. Or read more about the Yogacampus teacher training here.