Can you believe that this year marks 15 years of the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma? Wow! We’ve just started with our 30th intake in London and our reputation has ensured our programme can thrive in York and Manchester too. To celebrate this landmark, we talk to just some of our ever-inspiring graduates!

What makes the Yogacampus Teacher Training course special?

I did my training back in 2003, at a time when most of trainings were either too short or too long, and/or with a single tutor /Yoga style for the whole duration of the training. As I enjoyed practising and learning from different styles, I felt stuck for a while until I found the course at Yogacampus (The Life Centre Education at the time). Once I looked into the syllabus, I knew I had found the right course, as it offered a non-dogmatic approach with a variety of tutors from different backgrounds. Looking back, I can say that the length and rhythm of the course is just about right to allow teacher trainees to absorb and digest the content of the course.

Despite the number of teacher trainings available on the market these days, I have never looked back and would still opt for Yogacampus. What I like most about the course is its ability to evolve and transform to respond to the changes in the Yoga industry, providing both an experiential and practical approach, and a great online learning platform. Even though I graduated in 2005, I have kept in touch with many of my peers and tutors, and we all continue to share, experience and learn together within a growing community.

What do you love the most about passing your yoga knowledge on to students?

​What is most important for me is to help students get out of their heads and become more present in their bodies. Once they get a taste of that innate calm and quiet space inside, they become more curious about their own practice, more attentive to what emerges inside them; perhaps finding more inspiration and creativity in their lives, more compassion for themselves and those around them .

What I hope to communicate is to encourage students to live their life with a more non-violent approach, embrace changes more smoothly and radiate all this to those around them.

What advice would you give to someone planning to embark on their Teacher Training journey?

The Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma is a high standard course which requires commitment and dedication. When I embarked on the journey in 2003, I was working in a busy full time job. I had to be very organised and plan ahead so I could keep up with all the reading and course work. In the end, the 18 months went incredibly quickly and before I knew I had graduated successfully. To anyone starting this insightful and transformative journey, I would say ''be prepared to explore your own limitations with an open mind and heart, and embrace both moments of joy, laughter, and challenging opportunities that will lead you to find your own voice and teaching style".

You can learn more about Berenice by visiting her website. Or learn more about Teacher Training here.