Can you believe that this year marks 15 years of the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma? Wow! We’ve just started with our 30th intake in London and our reputation has ensured our programme can thrive in York and Manchester too. To celebrate this landmark, we talk to just some of our ever-inspiring graduates!

What makes the Yogacampus Teacher Training course special?

I think the Yogacampus Teacher Training is special in many ways but if I were to highlight a few it would be the breadth of expertise and knowledge held by the teachers, the non-dogmatic approach, the preparation that goes into each module and the accumulated experience of having run a leading teacher training for many years. I also think it is a welcoming environment.

What do you love the most about passing your yoga knowledge on to students?

I think yoga is a wonderful thing and a very helpful tool in life, particularly in the stressful world that we live in. I think it is needed now more than ever. It is great to see people at the end of the class visibly more relaxed and in some way changed from the start of the class. I know for myself that the hour or so you have carved out for class can be a very precious thing - if we can help people recalibrate even for the time of the class, it can make all the difference.

What advice would you give to someone planning to embark on their Teacher Training journey?

I'd advise them to think about what sort of training they are looking for, e.g one run by several teachers or just one. I'd also advise to make space within your life for the training - it is a wonderful thing to do but also involves a lot of time and commitment. I'd encourage people to ask for advice/help where they need it. And to understand it is not possible to learn/take on everything at once. Teacher Training is a lifelong journey -enjoy!

You can learn more about Sian by visiting her website. If you would like to learn more about the Yogacampus Teacher Training please click here.