In this series, we catch up with some of our inspiring Teacher Training graduates to see where life has taken them since the start of their Yogacampus journey. Here, we talk to the lovely Simone Brandao, a Hebden Bridge graduate who is passionate about making a difference in her students' lives.

When was your very first introduction to yoga?
I started practising yoga over 12 years ago in a village hall near where I lived before moving to Harrogate where I met the wonderful Amanda Latchmore. In just a few weeks, I realised that I had found something really special as yoga started to fulfill my dreams. I had found something that was both physical and, at the same time, nourished my mystical and philosophical curiosities.

At what point did you decide that you wanted to train as a teacher?
I had been going to Amanda's classes for a long time and one day, after class, she suggested that I sign up to the Teacher Training course. I wasn't sure because I never thought my English would be good enough to communicate confidently with students but Amanda really reassured me and so I decided to embark on the Yogacampus teacher training journey. I thought that even if I did not end up teaching, the experience would help me grow as a person and provide me with a greater understanding of all things yoga.

Why did you choose to train with Yogacampus? How do you think our teacher training diploma compares to other schools?
I chose Yogacampus because Amanda was on the Board and one of the main teachers. She had given me a real insight into the course and explained that as well as her, there would be a variety of other experienced teachers from different backgrounds and beliefs to feed my desires and strengthen my knowledge.

What was your biggest highlight on the course? And biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge was my Final Teaching Assessment when I had to teach in front of my fellow students and the Board! The biggest highlight was meeting so many well known teachers and having the privilege to learn so closely with them and getting feedback too.

How has your life changed since graduating from the course?
My life has definitely improved tremendously; I finally found my niche, my passion. Now, my kids look at me and say "My mum is a YOGA teacher"! I believe I make a lot of people happy as I am able to pass everything I have learnt to my students. I work really hard to try give them everything I have learnt, helping each of them to find themselves like I did.

What are you doing now?
I have 4 group classes a week and few private classes, students with hip and back issues, with anxiety and depression. We work together very closely and have fun too!!

What is really exciting for you right now in your work and in your vision of the future of yoga?
Watching my students develop and grow; their happiness and excitement makes me the happiest teacher on earth.

My future ambition is to get involved with teenagers, especially talented sporty kids or adults who train really hard and find difficult to have a good balance between hard training and stable minds. Watch this space!