Ayala Homossany

Over the past two decades Ayala’s passion has been in exploring the link between yoga and creativity and how it can support well being and mental health. Her research and learnings during this period led her to develop a unique way of bringing yoga and creativity together and sharing it with adults, families, toddlers, children, teens, and children with special needs. She shares yoga, mediation and creativity in leading yoga studios, privately and online as well as running trainings for teachers.

Ayala Homossany

Ayala is an accredited teacher trainer for yoga for children and family yoga and her teaching style prioritises encouraging her students to appreciate themselves, find their own inner voice, and stay playful and curious. In her teachings, she integrates the transformative teachings of Kristin Neff, Chris Germer, Doug Keller, Judith Hanson Lasater, Lisa Kaley Isley and the living lineage of Tantric Hatha Yoga taught by Parayoga.

Having deep roots in dance, sports and virtual communication design, Ayala’s unyielding appreciation for the creative elements that yoga entails, led her to develop and publish the award winning Enchanted Wonders A-Z Yoga Cards, which are yoga and mindfulness activities aimed at enhancing creativity, self-expression and imagination in children and families. The cards are part of the Enchanted Wonders™ series, which includes e-books and an A-Z yoga poses poster for children

Ayala has over 700 hours of specialist training covering mediation, restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga, yoga for children with special needs, teen yoga, yoga for anxiety and mindful self compassion meditations.

Ayala is a yoga therapy 580-hour trainee and holds a B.Tech in Design and Design Education with honours from HIT (Holon Institute technology). Visit Ayala’s website here.