Karen O'Brien Kop

Karen O’Brien-Kop completed the MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, in 2014 and continued to a PhD program in the Department of Religions and Philosophies. Karen is completing her doctoral research project, which centres on the YogasÅ«tra of Patanjali in relation to Buddhist textual accounts of yoga in the early 1st millennium CE. Karen has studied Sanskrit, and been a recipient of the Phiroz Mehta scholarship and the Ouseley Memorial language scholarship. At SOAS, she also teaches and co-organizes The Sanskrit Reading Room, a fortnightly reading and research seminar.

"I enjoyed Anna's teaching a lot, it was very grounded and there were good explanations about how to understand information. This came at the right pace with plenty of opportunity to practice. The three days have given me to the confidence to start my own daily practice. The scientific background has helped me to trust the method." Celia on Meditation Teacher Training - Patanjali's Prana Samyama Technique , February 2017