Kate Binnie

Kate teaches on the Yogacampus yoga therapy training course. She works in Oxford as a music and a mindfulness and yoga teacher, specialising in therapeutic applications of music, yoga and mindfulness for people living with chronic and life-limiting illness in the NHS and the community. She also runs CPD training days for healthcare professionals on Breath-Body-Mind Integration, aiming to spread the principles and practices of yoga & mindfulness within the health service for the delivery of compassionate care and to reduce suffering and burnout in staff. She also lectures at the Centre for Palliative Care, Worcester University. She recently completed an MSc in Palliative Care at King’s College London (researching yoga and pain) and will be presenting the results of this research at the 2017 British Pain Society Philosophy & Ethics Conference. Kate is continuing her research funded by the Wellcome Trust “Life of Breath” project in Bristol (an interdisciplinary project on breathlessness) and regularly contributes to their blog (www.lifeofbreath.com).

Kate has developed a short breath-body-mind intervention for use in schools particularly to support teenagers dealing with exam stress, and is currently running a feasibility study at the Churchill Hospital Dermatology Department “Mindful Yoga for Young People with Skin Disease”. Kate is also a singer & violinist, and teaches body and breath-work to support & free the voice to individuals and choirs.

"I am so glad that I found Alessandra’s courses. I took the one week Intensive “Wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda“ course, offered as part of Aditya Yoga School 300hrs. It was fabulous! I learned so much on the course and although I already knew a little about Ayurveda – Alessandra’s approach was different. I was so inspired with the course and felt that it enabled me to incorporate changes in my diet and approach to many things, sleep, health, my yoga practice etc. A couple of months later and I have still been able to continue with what I have learned..I have even managed to loose the last few stubborn pounds I was carrying which I know was due to what I learned on that course. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alessandra to any yoga student – experienced or otherwise." Rosemarie M on Embodying The Flow: Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas, January 2018