Zoe Jones

Zoe Haydn Jones

Zoe Jones is the Yogacampus Marketing Manager, where she combines her extensive expertise in marketing with her passion for yoga and mindfulness. As a seasoned freelance marketer, Zoe has a proven track record of crafting authentic messages that resonate with audiences. Her diverse background includes high-profile roles in PR and marketing for major TV and film corporations such as Warner Bros., Channel 4, and 20th Century Fox.

Zoe is a dedicated yoga teacher, specialising in both adult and children's yoga. She is the founder of Jobs for Women, a gender equality business aimed at creating inclusive opportunities in the workplace for women. Zoe also hosts two podcasts, where she shares tips, insights and actions on navigating a career as a woman with solo and guest interview episodes as well as conversations on inclusivity in the workplace (Women. Work. Wellbeing. and Inclusive Career Conversations).

Zoe's holistic approach to marketing and communication is driven by a deep desire to connect with people on a meaningful level and she is excited to share her expertise with the attendees of this training.