👉 FLEXIBLE LEARNING: MORE TIME TO ABSORB CONTENT AND REVIEW CONCEPTS. Our Pre Recorded course modules are released weekly, with no live times to attend, YOU choose when works best to study and can log on at any time. Perfect for early risers or night owls - flex to your own rhythm and schedule.

👉 LEARN IN DIGESTIBLE CHUNKS. Core concepts are broken into small, bite-sized modules released weekly, making course content manageable, clearer and more memorable for you.

👉 EXPAND YOUR NETWORK BY CONNECTING WITH FELLOW LEARNERS AROUND THE WORLD. Participate in our Pre-Recorded courses regardless of what time zone you are in. You can expect to see contributions from and connect with other students who you might never have met during an in person training!

👉 OPEN CONVERSATIONS AND BUILD COMMUNITY IN COURSE. With asynchronous learning, every student has the chance to come into forums and discussions with an understanding and perspective on course material, leading to deeper and more productive conversations.

👉 ACCESS TEACHERS AND EXPERTS YOU MAY NOT MEET OTHERWISE. No need to travel to study with eminent teachers - simply log on from anywhere to learn from world-class faculty and industry experts. Alongside the course content from the lead teachers, our Pre-Recorded courses are all facilitated by supporting teachers who contribute via forum discussions - so you are not left alone to study and have someone to support your learning the entire way.

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