As business owners in the yoga and wellbeing space, we know that we cannot separate our values from the work we do in the world. From social media, to newsletters and websites, our values and identities inherently play a role in the process of taking up space on the digital plane.

In our upcoming online course, Conscious Business: Defining Your Niche and Practical Marketing, we will guide you with the right questions to help tease out the specialised creative marketing capabilities you already have within. You will gain systems and tools for producing meaningful content that reflects your unique values, engages your audience & expands the profitability of your business.

In the meantime here's a sneak preview of some of the topics we'll be discussing...

5 essential marketing tips from the creators of our new online course:

1. Know your audience

You've already heard of the concept of niching or 'finding your tribe'. But it can help to delve deeper into your audience and clients by developing a buyer persona, a semi-fictional model to describe your ideal audience’s demographics and behavioural data so you can have a better understanding of who your ideal audience is - and crucially, how to appeal to them via your communication.

2. Be flexible and play to your own strengths

We are all born with an inherent creativity - in this course we will guide you with the right questions to help tease out what your specialised creative marketing capabilities are. We'll then work with you on how to translate these into producing engaging content that connects with your audience, extends your reach & grows the profitability of your business.

3. Learn how to make tools & systems work for you

With so many options out there for working with digital marketing systems and tools, we will help you pare down your essential tools and guide you how to make them work for you and your business objectives. This will include cultivating clear action steps to show up for yourself in your digital marketing and feel more empowered to take concrete actions.

4. Diversify your content strategy

Don’t just rely on one platform for getting the word out about your yoga studio or business offerings. For example, don’t simply create a yoga website or blog and then kick back. Even if your website or business blog is ranking high on Google Search right now, putting all of your eggs in one basket is risky. That’s especially so, given how often there are algorithm changes and changing variables that are beyond your control.

Examples of ways you diversify your content creation strategy:

  • Engage in a variety of social media platforms rather than just one (Instagram is great but other platforms can also provide exposure and drive sales)
  • If you use Instagram, be ready to create multimedia content using reels - the platform is increasingly being optimised as a video-first channel
  • Grow your email list (yes, that’s right, an old fashioned email list.) This is still ranked as the no.1 most powerful sales tool for marketing
  • Repurpose social media content into content you own (e.g., take social media posts you’ve written and turn them into blog posts or features on your own website);
  • Collaborate with other yoga teachers, yoga influencers, and yoga bloggers

5. Become Your Own Digital Marketing Expert.

We get it - as a yoga teacher, yoga studio owner or other entrepreneur, you have a lot going on. While you can certainly outsource your digital marketing, hire a virtual assistant, or a marketing team, there’s tremendous value in taking ownership of digital marketing your business.

Are you ready to take ownership & learn more?

Conscious Business: Defining Your Niche and Practical Marketing is our 6-hour online practical course for aimed at people working in the wellbeing industry which includes but is not limited to yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and coaches. You will be able to draw on the expertise of 4 leading wellbeing marketers who each specialise in different fields. Our aim is to support you in uncovering your own unique creative gifts and to feel more confident in how you communicate, market and sell to your clients and audience.

Join us beginning Thursday 16 March: Recording replay included for all sessions and no obligation to attend live.