Conscious Business: Defining Your Niche and Practical Marketing - A 4 Week Online Course

This interactive, hands on, implementation based course will guide you to assessing and defining what your unique perspective and most valuable attributes are for communicating with your community.

Yogacampus Yoga Marketing Course

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about how to build your community of clients and communicate with them in an effective and meaningful way? Do you feel short on time for marketing your offerings and unclear on where to commit your energy?

This interactive, hands on, implementation based course will guide you to assessing and defining what your unique perspective and most valuable attributes are for communicating with your community.

We are all born with an inherent creativity - in this course we will guide you with the right questions to help tease out what your specialised creative marketing capabilities are. We'll then work with you on how to translate these into producing engaging content that connects with your audience, extends your reach & grows the profitability of your business.

What will you gain from this course?

We understand that as wellbeing professionals we can be short on resources for investing in tools - but this need not hold us back from success in marketing and communicating our business. Our intention with this course is to share cost-effective tools and systems for creative marketing together with smart techniques for meaningful content creation.

👉 We will be sharing “evergreen” marketing methodologies as well as what has worked best for the wellbeing clients we work with. This course will help you cut through the noise, up-skill and refine your marketing efforts.

👉 During the course we will help you craft your unique marketing strategy and answer:

👉 “If I only have 2 hours each week to market my business, how should I spend my time?”

You will leave this course with a toolkit of juicy tips, technical recommendations, content ideas and strategy/community building techniques for you to implement and get stuck into with your business.

Core topics over the 4 weeks will include:

Week 1 with Adrian:

  • Defining Your Niche
  • Unearthing Core Values
  • Reviewing Your Unique Skills & Interests vs the Range of Tools
  • What Problem are You Solving & how to approach
  • Know Which Hill You Are Climbing and Which Hills You Will Leave Behind

Week 2 with Ruth:

  • Defining our Audience
  • Writing as a Tool for Life
  • Newsletter Copywriting
  • Key to High Open Rates Using Creative Titles
  • Authenticity vs Mimicking Others in Your Space

Week 3 with Daiva:

  • Lead Generation & Customer Journey
  • Website Building and Conversion
  • System Creation and Budget Conscious Marketing Tools
  • Bringing Embodiment and Intuition to your Marketing
  • Social Media

Week 4 with Alex:

  • Nurture Strategy (How to convert prospects into clients)
  • Creating a Custom Marketing Plan
  • Video Content and Photography Essentials
  • Free Events & Webinar: How to Utilise in the Marketing Funnel
  • Offline Marketing for Local Business - community outreach, local PR, where to invest energy and more

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at people working in the wellbeing industry which includes but is not limited to yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and coaches. You will be able to draw on the expertise of 4 leading wellbeing marketers who each specialise in different fields. Our aim is to support you in uncovering your own unique creative gifts and to feel more confident in how you communicate, market and sell to your clients and audience.

Meet the Facilitators

Adrian Kowal has been consulting with yoga teachers, therapists and organisations in the wellbeing space for 12 years. He is the CEO of The Life Centre and founder of Way of Nature UK - a Rites of Passage Nature Connection retreats business. In previous professional incarnations he was an analyst at one of the largest boutique fund management companies in the UK and has founded and run businesses in retail, hospitality and entertainment. Adrian is ultra passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to build healthy cultures based on transparency and vulnerability.

Adrian Kowal bio

Alexandra Shah is Marketing Manager for Yogacampus where she has worked since 2019, collaborating with a small entrepreneurial team to market yoga trainings and courses that are helping wellbeing professionals evolve their careers. Prior to entering the yoga industry, Alex spent ten years working as a producer for commercial photographers and photographic agencies. A certified meditation and yoga teacher (Yogacampus, Triyoga), Alex teaches an accessible and steady breath led practice with a warm and creative approach.

Alex Shah bio2

Daiva Vaiciulyte is a marketing specialist helping conscious businesses and course creators gain attraction through effective and authentic communications. She specialises in email marketing, systems implementation and website design. You can find her work at . She has grown her client's social following to more than 14 000 active members and built email lists of 6000 active subscribers. Daiva is also an active climate activist (XR UK) and a founder of Extinction Rebellion Lithuania. She stands for authenticity and ethics in her marketing approach and believes in storytelling that builds communities, restores the planet, and fosters genuine relationships.


Ruth Allan is an experienced writer, editor, content creator who manages email and social marketing campaigns for The Life Centre. She’s a trustee of The Portico Library, a consultant for Time Out and has edited many publications including the Metro newspaper’s Manchester edition and the Time Out Manchester guide book. Her freelance work includes Manchester International Festival where she was programme editor as well as travel, culture and food journalism for Guardian, FT, Independent and many more. She set up the Manchester what’s on platform, Manchester Wire in 2012 which creates editorial, social and email marketing campaigns for regional clients including the Science Museum Group, Bruntwood, The National Trust, New Scientist Live and many more. She has delivered engaging writing workshops fo, among others, Google, Manchester Metropolitan University and currently offers these as part of her own yoga and writing retreats.