Katrina Repka

Katrina Repka's early training in her native Canada was in Astanga Vinyasa, but her primary influence and teacher is Yogiraj Alan Finger. Katrina is proud to have been the first teacher to offer ISHTA in London.

Portrait 2017

Yogiraj (Yoga Master) Katrina Repka has been studying yoga since 1990 and teaching since 2001. Her early training in Calgary, her hometown, was in the Astanga style, but in 2001 she moved to New York and began studying ISHTA Yoga, the unique blend of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda that is the creation of renowned US-based teacher, Yogiraj Alan Finger. Katrina is proud to have been the first teacher to offer ISHTA in London. In 2009, Alan Finger conferred the title of Yogiraj on Katrina, signifying that she has attained the very highest level of knowledge and competency in the study and practice of ISHTA Yoga.

For five years Katrina taught classes at Yoga Works in New York City where she was a core faculty member. Since 2006 she has been based in London where she teaches at The Life Centre and is an associate board member and tutor on the Yogacampus teacher training programme. She also runs ISHTA retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops in the UK, Europe, and internationally.

Katrina teaches for a wide range of needs and abilities. Her private clients have included bankers, actors, athletes, pre- and post- natal women, and the chronically ill. She has led group classes from Beginner to Advanced. In all her work, Katrina emphasises alignment, with equal attention given to core strength, suppleness, and flexibility. Her hope and aim in teaching yoga is to transform her students, inside and out, using the Three Keys: asana (yoga postures) to create harmony and balance in the body, pranayama (breathing) and Meditation to obtain inner peace and tranquility of the mind and spirit.

Katrina holds a BA and MSc (Communications), and is the co-author (with Alan Finger) and featured model of Chakra Yoga: Balancing Energy for Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Well-being, and Breathing Space: Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman. She has been featured in numerous publications including Vogue, Elle, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph, and as a yoga expert on BBC TV and radio.