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Whatever your location, you can now study with your favourite teachers at the click of a button. Our online courses include unparalleled quality content with weekly lectures, audio recordings, built-in assessments, live discussion boards and certification.

"This course has given me a great grounding in yoga history which I can now build upon through my own reading. I felt it was accessible for beginners [...] I feel I have a much better understanding of where yoga comes from and how it developed. And I feel I have a list of reading to do now to take this grounding further. It has inspired my Asana practice and made me feel more connected to my regular practice. It has integrated my yoga more into my life and psyche and I feel more passionate and excited when I step on my mat. The clips were great. It was great to watch and then re-watch the clips as much as you liked. The breadth of the course was fascinating and the interviews with teachers at the end were wonderful. I'm glad we have access for 2 years because I know I will repeat the course in my own time several times to really feel I have taken in all the information. " Cler Lewis on Online Training: A History of Yoga: The Latest Research, May 2018
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