Embodying Shakti – Healing and Empowering Practices for Women

This course, originally designed by the iconic Shiva Rea will now be led by 3 of her senior Prana teachers, Maria, Alessandra and Delamay. Come together in a circle of women for a lunar arts practice and teacher study immersion to support our journey as women in all the phases and seasons of our body and life as we embody the creative power from within.

Course Information

Shakti Prana Flow is a path to awaken the living connection of the sacred feminine from fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and the change that continues to deepen through the loving and transformative process.

Deepen your cultivation of embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative juices, passion, and wise depths of Shakti within. Be empowered to support women in these phases: moon cycle, fertile juiciness, pre-natal, motherhood, creative empowerment and wisdom change.

We begin healing and empowerment within the sacred vessel of our body and a cellular connection to embodied consiousness invoked as Shakti from the root “shak” or life-energy, innate power, kinetic force.

For five days, we will explore how to teach prana flow lunar art for women to nourish and balance our physical, emotional, energetic, sexual, relational, hormonal and spiritual dimensions of being a woman in all-phases of our life.

Open to practitioners as well as yoga teachers, each day is a ritual of awakening, self-knowledge, embodiment, collective movement meditation, deep listening and creative expression.

We will learn three healing and empowering shakti prana flow practices encompassing physical, emotional, hormonal, energetic, spiritual dimensions of a women’s life. In this first module of Shakti Prana Flow Lunar Arts Immersion and Teacher Emplowerment, we explore the Universal aspects of the Goddess as the Great Mother encompassing the three phases of a women’s journey from fertility to motherhood to the great change of the wisdom years.

You will learn three Shakti Prana Flow lunar sequences for hip opening, backbending, and creativity as well foundations of the inner arts of meditation, mudra, pranayama and puja (ritual offering). For balance, we will also enjoy optional solar “sacred training for women”.

Open to all Women to:

  • Explore the power of yoga practice in a community of women
  • Learn three Shakti Prana Flow lunar arts sequences for healing for all women from pregnant goddesses to wisdom women
  • Learn ways to embody the cyclical teachings, principles and practices that cultivate women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health to cultivate your life-force and align with natural rhythms
  • Understand and learn to teach yoni bandha – the inner teachings of mula bandha, vajroli mudra for health
  • Cultivate the Inner Arts – mudra, mantra and meditations for lunar regeneration
  • Awaken Body Altar/Living Altar –self-care the art and activation of your personal Shakti altar
  • Learn to offer Ritual Prana Flow – universal offering ritual and practice for women’s circles
  • Ways to support embodiment of self- love – healing of body image/ inner dialogue with love
  • Online Shakti Prana Flow portal for continuing to integrate the practices, women’s circles and connecting with new-full moon meditations throughout the year for inner support and creative empowerment

Based on many pilgrimages to India, initiation into Shakta and Tantric traditions and over 25 years of offering yoga for women, the course will offer both root and evolutionary practices from Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, and Prana Flow teachings that can bring libration, integration, empowerment to women in a circle of tenderness, support and love.

Shakti is the creator of the universe,
the universe is her form…
In Shakti is the form of all things,
of all that lives and moves in the world.
There is no jewel rarer than woman. – by Shakti Sangama Tantra

Special Guests: We will be joined by critically acclaimed musicians including NME Awards nominee Anne Malone and Kirtan expert Sivani Mata.

Delemay will also be offering a Yoga Trance Dance workshop on the evening of Tuesday 5th June 2018. You can find more information here

About the teachers:

Maria Garre: (M.ed, E-RYT 500) Is A Senior Prana Vinyasa Teacher And Director For New Mexico School Of Yoga Affliate Program. She is completing her book of Ayur Yoga With Dr. Lad.
(Based In Albuqurque, NM – USA)
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Alessandra Pecorella: (E-RYT 500) Beloved Yogacampus teacher and UK affliate Prana Vinyasa Trainer
(Based In London, UK)
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Delamay Devi: (E-RYT 500) Leads women’s retreats and 200hr Prana Vinyasa® Affiliate Program in Australia
(Based in Byron Bay, Australia)
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You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion on completion of the Intensive.

What our students say

A completely inclusive, organic training, which made for a revelatory 4 days. Amazing. Yogacampus student on Riding the Vinyasa Wave Intensive, June 2009

Course Information