LIVE ONLINE: Gluten Free! Releasing the Outer Hips

Join master teacher Tias Little for part one of this two-part workshop series. This class looks at SATYA techniques for releasing blocks, adhesions, and tensions in the gluteal muscles and outer edge of the hips.

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The format of both workshops takes a presentation, Q&A session, and physical practice. Workshops can be booked individually, or together

Please read your booking confirmation email thoroughly as this will contain the ZOOM joining link for the workshops. Recordings of the workshops will be accessible to all who booked, the morning after the event. Access is for 21 days.

Gluten Free! Releasing the Outer Hips, Tuesday 30th June

The glut muscles on the outer edge of the hip are typically restricted due to the weight of compressive forces of the body. In this workshop we will release blocks and adhesions in the outer hips including the structures of the IT band and glut medius muscle.

We begin with Tias showing slides of the anatomical and energetic structures within the hip and low back. We will review the function of the piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve and practice ways to reduce sciatic pain in the outer hip region. There will then be time for enquiry, questions and reflections.

After the lecture and Q&A we will move to a short sequence on our back, doing pressure point release work with a tennis ball or small physio ball set against the outer buttock region. Then we will stretch and strengthen the glut muscles through small, localised movements (SATYA—Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga) and asana practice.

Props Required: Physio ball (or tennis ball), strap, blanket and a bolster if available

Yoga, Longevity, and the Reproductive Organs, Monday 6th July

In the internal arts of yoga, qi gung and tai chi, the health of the reproductive organs is critical for longevity. Through postures and flowing movements (SATYA—Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga), this workshop is designed to stretch, tone and strengthen the connective tissues that surround the reproductive organs.

We begin with Tias showing slides of the anatomical detail for the key structures within the pelvis. This includes not only the reproductive organs but the lower two spinal chakras. We review conditions relating to the reproductive organs such as uterine cysts, hysterectomies, prostate complications, impotency and infertility. There will then be time for enquiry, questions and reflections.

After the lecture and Q&A we will move into a practice that will include twists, inversions (or partial inversions), and bridge poses to tone the lower abdomen.

Props Required: blanket, strap, a bolster if available


On completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate detailing your CPD hours

Course Information