Chair-Up: Chairs as an Educational Tool - 50 hour Teacher Training

Become a certified Chair-Up teacher and learn how to use chairs as an educational tool to discover new movement possibilities and awareness. Incorporating chairs also makes yoga accessible and helps you adapt your classes to office workers, elderly and individuals with physical limitations.

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Would you like to help make a difference in how an elderly or less-abled individual feels about themselves, their body and energy levels? Are you keen to work with this particular population or those suffering from a sedentary lifestyle and introduce them to the gift of the chair? Are you ready to see how incorporating chairs into your yoga teaching can open up new teaching opportunities for you? Then this Yoga Alliance certified 50-hour Teacher Training with international Rolfing expert Bart Adins is for you.

This 6-day, 50-hour Teacher Training will teach you how to use the Chair as a multifunctional tool with variety of approaches and uses; a means to adapt postures and sun salutations, and help cultivate somatic awareness. You will also practice, explore and take away specific sequences to offer as variations to a traditional yoga practice. This will help you to adapt your classes so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of using the Chair as a prop. By weaving the use of the chair into your teaching, you will not only improve how your clients move and their day-to-day posture, but also help increase their body awareness and options for self-regulation.

Key themes covered in the training include:

  • Embodied anatomy and alignment
  • Somatic approach to sun salutations, sitting and standing positions with chairs
  • Therapeutic sequences on floor and in standing without chairs
  • Teaching methodology for office yoga and yoga with elderly

Days 1 and 2
We will explore anatomy and alignment in your own body. Efficient breathing, sitting and standing are central themes in this process. You will explore how to orient and stabilise through the intelligence of the body. Chair-Up™ integrates a somatic and embodied approach, which goes beyond consciously “keeping yourself straight”. Through exploring sensations and perceptions we can learn on a deeper level how to get a different and healthier relationship in gravity. In this weekend you will also learn how to assist and adjust students in experiencing a better sitting and standing position.

Days 3 and 4
These two days will cover the limitations and issues faced by those leading a sedentary lifestyle with a specific focus on office workers. This population commonly complains about pain caused by sitting, yet few know how to reverse the more physically wearing and damaging effects of the chair. It’s time to reclaim the chair and move away from its limitations. With the right guidance, office workers can re-learn how to not only sit, but also to use the chair as a tool to move and gain body awareness at work. You will learn how to integrate chairs into your yoga teaching within a corporate, or office setting. These accessible alternatives were developed to focus on movement quality through the sense of weight and space. Chairs will play an extensive role, but we will also practice in laying and standing.

Days 5 and 6
The final two day focus on how to teach yoga to seniors. Learn how to help make a difference in how elderly and less-abled individuals feel about themselves, their body and energy levels. We will investigate ways that Chair-Up can help with various health challenges seniors face and offer you the ability to teach classes and help older-age target groups maintain physical independence as well as an increased mental and physical awareness.

Bart Adins

Bart is a Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement Practitioner ™ with the European Rolfing Association. Having been fascinated by the mind and body connection from an early age, Bart pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ghent University followed by a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a specialisation in Mindfulness.

He is the Founder of Chair-Up™, a movement practice that uses chairs as a transitional tool in order to help discover new movement possibilities and awareness. He sees this therapeutic practice as a means to apply healthy postural movements and habits in our every-day undertakings, not just for the duration of the yoga class.


After successfully completing the full training, participants will receive a Chair-Up certificate and will be able to register the course as 50h of continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.


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What our students say

Thank you, Bart, for sharing your experience and knowledge on both chair and Rolfing. A Yogacampus Student on The Art of Chair Yoga for the Elderly: Applying Somatics from the Ground Up, October 2018


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