Embodying the Yoga Sutra: Support Direction and Space

Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra is a key yoga text, yet for many contemporary practitioners, its deeper treasures remain either unknown or mired in obscurity. After decades of study Ranju Roy and David Charlton have published Embodying The Yoga Sūtra: Support, Direction and Space, around which this weekend workshop will be based.

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‘Embodying The Yoga Sūtra: Support, Direction and Space’ focuses on 18 of the most important Sūtras, and shows how each one illuminates the relationship between the body, the breath and the mind in a practical, clear and contemporary manner.

A recent review of the book said “This book is an essential – probably unique – guide to understanding how the Yoga Sūtras can support and inform our yoga practice both on the yoga mat and in our everyday lives”

What will be covered in this training?

An understanding of the 3 guṇa, the primary energies of prakṛti, is key to understanding Patañjali’s project. This weekend we will explore the guṇa in terms of their roles, their qualities and their pathologies – and show how using the terms ‘Support, Direction and Space’ can help us embody these qualities in our āsana and prāṇāyāma practice.
We shall go on to explore how Patañjali’s very definition of yoga, as defined in YS 1.2, can be understood very practically through the lens of Support, Direction and Space.

The workshop will include significant physical practice (āsana and prāṇāyāma) as well as deconstruction of significant sūtras from the original Sanskrit. It is open to anyone who wants to take their understanding of the yoga project deeper.

For those already familiar with Patañjali this will open new ways of approaching and applying the text; for those newer to Patañjali this will provide a compass to steer a course in developing your yoga practice and will answer the question: what are we doing in our yoga practice?

Guna as a framework for understanding Patañjali: Saturday 8th February

On Saturday we will focus on guṇa as a framework for understanding the yoga project, using ideas from both Samkhya and Yoga.

A compass to steer your practice: Sunday 9th February

On Sunday we will focus on the definitions of yoga and yoga practice given in the Yoga Sūtra. Attendance at both days is highly recommended as there will be a progression, but each day is self-contained and can be booked on its own.

Click here to see a video of Ranju and Dave talking about their work

Course Information