Very Flexible? Hypermobile? Finding the Middle Way

This workshop will explore how hypermobility affects the body, how to recognise it and how to work it in students and in our own bodies.

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This workshop looks at what hypermobility is and how it affects body and mind, how to recognise it and how to work with it. You might be hypermobile yourself or you simply want to learn more about this condition to guide your students.

The session will be a mix of theory and practical ideas and explorations.

For some, hypermobility presents a multitude of problems, others experience almost no symptoms.

Hypermobility can mean being an elite gymnast, dancer or instagram yogi, or it might mean being severely disabled and not being well enough to take part in most everyday activities. Many people with hypermobility are somewhere in between.

Today’s culture tends to see yoga largely as a tool to make us more flexible, and classes often attract people who possess greater than average flexibility. Recent research on fascia and stretching is challenging traditional ideas of what is healthy and what leads to ease of movement. Hypermobility might look like an advantage for yoga, but it needs to be addressed with knowledge and awareness so it does not lead to pain and injury.

Specifically, the workshop will address the following points:

  • What is hypermobility?
  • Tests and criteria for hypermobility and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder
  • An overview of Ehlers Danlos and other conditions
  • Lesser known symptoms and challenges that frequently come with hypermobility
  • Identifying and rebalancing overstretched as well as tight areas, finding strength and stability whilst mobilising stiffer areas
  • Guiding and improving proprioception and co ordination
  • Finding language that is helpful
  • Exploring safe and effective hands on assists
  • How to adapt your practice in general classes if you are hypermobile
  • Ideas on structuring sessions so that awareness and stability are addressed from the very beginning of class

This workshop is open to trainee teachers, existing yoga teachers and established practitioners who would like to learn more on the subject of hypermobility.

What our students say

Susanne is an excellent teacher with regard to knowledge and delivery. It was a mixed lecture, allowing for different types of learning. A pragmatic and informative workshop. A Student on Hypermobility on the Mat: Finding the Middle Way, June 2016

Course Information