Restorative Yoga: The Art + Science of Rest and Relaxation - Manchester

Rest is not a luxury, but a necessity - especially in our fast-paced society and digital age. Learn the art and science of relaxation, at the physical, emotional and mental level. To 'rest' deeply is to experience absolute relaxation, where there is effortless in stillness, quietness and peace.

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‘Deep Rest is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, it is respect for life.’ – Adelene Cheong

This workshop offers insights on the beauty of slowing down, to support effective quality rest. Understand and experience how this practice affects the Autonomic Nervous System for health and rejuvenation, and hone your skills to relaxation.

This workshop offers:

• Experiential practice to support your Rest and rejuvenation
• Theory and discussions on Rest and relaxation
• Introduction to the physiology of relaxation
• Effective positioning and alignment for optimal healing
• Understand the energetic impressions of Restorative poses

Adelene will share her knowledge and experience of Restorative Yoga: the art of relaxation for deep conscious rest, informed by western science and experienced and tested by practitioners of all ages. This day offers a combination of lectures, experiential practice, with time for discussion and questions. Suitable for all level practitioners, especially if you are intending to further join the Relax and Restore (Level 1) Intensive.

Yoga for Scoliosis: An Introductory Workshop – Saturday 13th April 2019
Why not join Adelene on Saturday 13th April for a one day introductory workshop to Yoga for Scoliosis and make the weekend out of it? Book both together and save £10 at the checkout. Just click ‘Book Now’ and add both sessions to your basket. Click here to read more about the programme for the day.

What our students say

“Adelene is very experienced in providing workshops on yoga for scoliosis. She has been able to provide the content with right delivery. Thanks to Yogacampus for arranging the workshop” Sprinivasan Arumugam on Yoga for Scoliosis Introductory Day, February 2018

Course Information