Sankalpa: Start the year from a place of peace, power and purpose

Sankalpa is an ancient concept that harnesses the power of strong desire to turn focused and undistracted imagination into reality. This one day workshop will explore how goals really work in order to uncover the purpose and meaning of life. Focusing mainly but not exclusively on Nidra practices the day is suitable for those who are seeking direction in life and of those who may already be working on an existing Sankalpa.

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The day will be immersive and utilise concepts also taken from the world of trance, self-hypnosis and particularly self-dialogue with oneself.

What you will learn in this workshop:

• Tools to work with deep goals that come from the core of oneself
• Insight into how to utilise strong and subtle energies to realise goals
• Immersion into Nidra’s and meditative practices to build a strong momentum
• Insight into journaling and how this is related to realising purpose and meaning

The day will be an overall focused exercise using immersive experience and taught tools to harness your dreams and formulate a pragmatic blueprint towards a life interwoven with meaning and purpose in 2020.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance on completion of the workshop.

What our students say

A rich, creative, spiritual experience in a beautiful environment with very knowledgeable teachers. A Yogacampus student on Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra , November 2014

Course Information