Autoimmune Yoga | Online Immersion

Join master Teacher Tias little for this Online Immersion in learning postural practices and somatic movement sequences to support the immune system and to counter the debilitating effects of autoimmune syndromes such as Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.

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Course Description

In many ways, the immune system is the most remarkable system in the body given its discriminating intelligence known in Sanskrit as viveka.

We could say that having a strong immune system is in many regards the ultimate aim of a yoga practice.

Yet there are times when the immune system attacks itself, compromising the healthy cells and tissues of the body and causing fatigue, inflammation and bodily tenderness. In this course, we will review the primary role of the lymphatic system in maintaining health.

What will we explore?

Through practice we will discover how through somatic movement, postural yoga, and meditation, we can help build a radiant immune system. We use specific restorative positions to counter the debilitating effects of autoimmune syndromes such as Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.

What will the structure of each session be?

Each session entails approximately 20 – 30 minutes of lecture/meditation, and the remaining time is used for guided practice.


Have your props handy! We recommend two blocks, blankets, a thick bolster, an 8’ or 10’ belt/strap, and a backless Iyengar chair (modifications will be given if you do not have a chair). We recommend and Manduka for props; backless chairs can be found on Amazon and Etsy.

Recording Access

Please note ALL Live Zoom sessions will be recorded should you be unable to attend any live streams. All course materials are available for 30 days.

Course Hours

Autoimmune Yoga is good for 6-Hours of Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance, and can be applied towards required hours for the Prajna Yoga Therapy Track


Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion for 6 Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance.

This session is a CPD immersion only. If you wish to gain certification from Prajna Yoga as a SATYA teacher, all SATYA courses are required, SATYA 1, 2 & 3 – please see the Prajna Yoga website for further information on the certification process:

Meet the Teacher

Tias Little synthesises more than 30 years of study in classical yoga, Sanskrit, Buddhism, anatomy, bodywork, and trauma healing in his dynamic, original style of teaching. Tias began studying the work of B. K. S. Iyengar in 1984 and in 1989 resided in Mysore, India, where he studied Ashtanga vinyasa yoga under the tutelage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. A licensed massage therapist, Tias has in-depth training in craniosacral therapy. His practice and teaching is influenced by the work of Ida Rolf, Moshé Feldenkrais, and Thomas Hanna. Tias earned a master’s degree in Eastern philosophy from St. John’s College in Santa Fe in 1998.

Tias Little somatic yoga teacher

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Tias Little somatic yoga teacher
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