Building Yoga Skills Through Interoception

Join Leila Stuart to learn experiential anatomy, yoga therapy principles and somatic practices to use interoception for therapeutic purposes. Discover how to cultivate interoception and felt sense of qualities including grounding, stability, and centeredness in yoga and movement practices and everyday life. Access your inner wisdom and a deeper sense of Self.

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We need to feel what we want to heal.

Interoception is the perception, processing and integration of inner sensations that give us information about our physical and emotional states. This sensory information motivates us to self-regulate. To repattern habitual ways of breathing, aligning, moving, and thinking, we need a clear felt sense of how they affect us. Yoga poses are important, but sometimes we get so caught up in the myriad of details of execution and alignment that we “think” our way through them instead of “feeling” them from the inside out. We can miss the opportunity to embody the skills and qualities they can generate, like grounding, stability, and centering. If we teach skills rather than postures, the skills are transferable to other movements and everyday life.

We register the state of our bodymind through sensing and feeling ourselves throughout a movement or Asana. As we track sensations, we can become conscious participants in feedback loops that refine and alter our responses. We can learn the “sensory signatures” of grounding, stability, and centering, and how to re-create those states whenever we need them in yoga, movement practice, or life itself.

In this workshop we will use experiential anatomy, somatic inquiry, and Yoga Therapy practices to explore how interoception can help us tune into our body wisdom, alleviate suffering, and access a deeper sense of Self. Practices will be drawn from Leila's upcoming book Experiential Anatomy: Therapeutic Applications of Embodied Movement and Awareness.

What will we learn?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What interoception is and what research says about it.
  • A koshic interpretation of interoception.
  • How interoception can be used for therapeutic purposes.
  • How to deepen interoceptive awareness.
  • Experiential anatomy, yoga therapy principles and somatic practices to cultivate grounding through the feet, stability through the pelvis, centering through the spine, compassion through the arms, and meditative stillness through the head and neck.
  • The relationship between a grounded, stable, and centered body and steady, balanced mind and emotions.

Who is this course for?

This course will appeal to yoga teachers, therapists, students as well as teachers or therapists of other disciplines wanting to learn how to use interoception therapeutically.

Course Structure

This blended seminar will be taught over 3 weeks in 2.5 hour live online segments with 2.5 hours of pre-recorded material for a total of 10 contact hours. Handouts will be provided.

Attendance & Replay

We will offer the recording access for 6 months after the event.


At the end of the course you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Attendance.


Meet the Teacher

Leila Stuart BA, LLB, C-IAYT is a retired Registered Massage Therapist and has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years. She developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapy training for 15 years, focusing on experiential anatomy, alignment, and movement repatterning, and embodiment of the deeper teachings of yoga as pathways to self-healing. With a deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in transforming academic information into somatic awareness and life changing experience. She is an international teacher, online educator, and conference presenter. Leila is author of The Great Yoga Handbook and the upcoming Experiential Anatomy: Therapeutic Applications of Embodied Movement and Awareness and co-author of Pathways to a Centered Body with Donna Farhi. Visit

“Leila has exceptional skills as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist with a strong emphasis on practical, experiential anatomy. Leila is one teacher who I would like to study with more often.” -Donna Farhi

Leila Stuart