Conscious Business and Practical Marketing Masterclasses

Conscious Business Masterclasses

Are you bursting with creativity and passion but feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of launching your new class, workshop, or digital product? Don't worry – we've got you covered!

Following on from our Introductory 4-Week Course, our Conscious Marketing Masterclasses are a deep-dive, designed to empower you with the tools and strategies needed to turn your marketing vision into a reality.

Over the course of five engaging and informative sessions, we will explore in further detail the marketing essentials for your business, ensuring you develop the skills needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

Session 1: Create your Custom Marketing Plan in 2 hours - Build a powerful and effective marketing plan that's perfectly tailored to your business needs in just two hours.

Session 2: Money Mindset for Wellness Entrepreneurs - Master the mindset needed to build a thriving and profitable business while staying true to your values.

Session 3: Discovering Non-Social Media Marketing Strategies - Unlock the secrets to marketing your business effectively beyond the realm of social media.

Session 4: How to budget, create value, and deliver profit - Learn how to create a budget that delivers true value for your business and maximizes profitability.

Session 5: How to Assess Products And Offerings - Discover how to accurately assess the value of your products and offerings, ensuring you always deliver the highest quality to your customers.

Join us on this transformative 5 class series and equip yourself with the knowledge, tools, and mindset necessary to build a successful conscious business that makes a meaningful impact. Read on for a breakdown of each of the sessions.👇

1: Create your Custom Marketing Plan in 2 hours.

Thursday 26 October

Are you dreaming of launching your new idea for a class, workshop or digital product for your wellness business but feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

Do you have ideas but would like some help figuring out how to combine all the pieces; what tools and strategies to use and how to feel more confident in doing so?

Then this conscious marketing planning masterclass is for you. We’ll be showing you how to:

✨ Build a simple yet effective marketing plan to promote your offering with no stress.

✨ Design a marketing strategy aligned with your business goals.

✨ Create a content system for your launch.

✨ Enjoy the creation and implementation of the campaign.

✨ Do it all sustainably and in a way that works for you.

Join us and unlock the secrets to building a simple yet effective marketing plan that will effortlessly promote your offering, leaving you stress-free and confident.

2: Money Mindset for Wellness Entrepreneurs.

Thursday 9 November

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner working in wellness who deeply believes in the power of your work and puts tons of energy into your business, but despite this finds it difficult to make a comfortable living from your work?

Having clarity around our relationship to money is key in unlocking our true earning potential. Fear of looking closely at our relationship to money can lead to:

Burn-out and losing motivation, undervaluing your services, taking on non-passion led work eg. admin jobs to make ends meet, stressing about how you are going to pay your bills...

Money is energy, and you deserve to be paid for the expertise, time and love you share with your community. In Money Mindset for Wellness Entrepreneurs, we’ll be looking into how to:

✨ Identify your money blocks.

✨ Work on your money patterns using interactive exercises.

✨ Connect to your self-worth.

✨ Build confidence to increase pricing of your services.

Unlock your money mindset potential and join us in this masterclass!

3: Unleashing Your Business's Hidden Potential: Discovering Non-Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Thursday 23 November

Are you a passionate business owner who believes in conscious entrepreneurship? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to use social media for marketing, but deep down, you long for more authentic and impactful ways to promote your small business?

If so, get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionise your approach to marketing!

In this practical masterclass led by Alexandra Shah, Yoga Teacher, Marketing Mentor and Yogacampus Marketing Manager, we will break free from the traditional marketing mold and explore an array of alternative methods that will empower you to stand out in the digital age while staying true to your values.

We will be unlocking the magic of non-social media marketing and looking into:

A New Era of Marketing: Embrace a refreshing paradigm shift and explore why conscious business owners like yourself are seeking alternative marketing strategies.

The Power of Authenticity: Discover how genuine connections with your target audience can create a magnetic pull towards your brand, and learn how to build trust without relying on social media platforms.

Tapping into the Offline World: Explore creative ways to engage with your local community, harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing, and bring your brand to life through unforgettable offline experiences.

Amplify Your Impact: Unleash the power of partnerships and collaborations, and learn how to create win-win relationships with like-minded businesses to expand your reach and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Unconventional Marketing Channels: Dive into an exciting world of non-traditional marketing avenues such as guerilla marketing, experiential campaigns, community events, and more, and learn how to think outside the box.

The Art of Customer Delight: Discover the secrets of creating remarkable customer experiences that turn customers into loyal brand advocates, resulting in organic growth and sustainable success.

Are you ready to unleash the hidden potential of your business and forge a new path to success, one that aligns with your values and leaves a lasting impact? Join us for this Conscious Business Masterclass and get ready to revolutionise your business's marketing strategy beyond social media!

4: Let’s Talk About Money – How to Budget, Create Value and Deliver Profit.

Thursday 7 December

Join us and learn how to make the numbers work for you!

Many of us can feel overwhelmed when we think about money. Looking at spreadsheets, and receipts can feel like a real challenge. But working out how much money we need to make to make our services viable, and worthwhile is crucial to feeling truly fulfilled and empowered.

This masterclass, lead by Adrian Kowal (CEO of The Life Centre) and Ruth Allan (Chartered Business Manager of The Life Centre North) session offers an introduction to core accounting concepts such as profit, revenue and budgeting. You will leave with the tools to know how to keep track of what you are spending, what you are making and how to plan ahead to create the future you want.

In Let’s Talk about Money we’ll be looking into how to:

✨ Track your income and outgoings.

✨ Set a budget (for the month, year and longer term).

✨ How to work out when an investment is worth making (Investment appraisal).

✨ Sources of finance and help (including crowd funding, loans, and grants).

✨ How to analyse and reframe your pricing.

Understanding money and doing the ground work for good finances will give you the freedom to do more of what you’d like to be doing with your time as well as making savings, and improving your financial stability.

Take control of your financial destiny and unlock the financial freedom you deserve by joining us for this masterclass!

5: How to Grow Products And Offerings – How to Work out What You Want to Do and How to Make It Work

Thursday 11 January

Have you discovered that you have something great to share, that people really appreciate and are happy to pay for?

For many of us, a move into being an entrepreneur, working as a self employed yoga teacher, or solopreneur happens organically. But what next? Perhaps you’re ready to expand what you offer, or make the move into turning your passion into a full time job.

This masterclass led by Ruth Allan, Business Manager The Life Centre & Adrian Kowal CEO The Life Centre is designed to help you and your business growth in a way that’s truly aligned with your values no matter where you are on your journey.

In How to Assess Products and Offerings we will:

✨ Explore what you want to offer in a truly authentic way – what do you want to offer and why.

✨ Discover how your passion can be shared with others – could you deliver workshops or talks? What do you feel comfortable with?

✨ Get to know typical formats – online workshops, in person classes, 1-2-1 sessions and work out which is the best fit for you.

✨ Learn to assess the true cost of your offerings - how long each will take to create, market and deliver.

✨ Ensure you are rewarded adequately for your time and energy.

✨ Explore cutting edge ways of reaching the audiences you need to make your products and offerings a success.

✨ Create a plan for least one new revenue stream to take away at the end of the session.

This masterclass is ideal for those who are looking to make money from their services for the first time – or to expand what they are already offering. It will offer you the tools to analyse what something will really cost to deliver – in terms of time, money and effort – and help you to make informed choices for long term success in your chosen area of business.

Discover how to accurately assess the worth of your services and earn your true financial potential with this masterclass!

Who are these masterclasses for?

These masterclasses aimed at people working in the wellbeing industry which includes but is not limited to yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and coaches. You will be able to draw on the expertise of 4 leading wellbeing marketers who each specialise in different fields.


These masterclasses will be recorded and replay access offered to all students for 30 days after the event. If you cannot make the time but would like to attend, please register to receive the video link.

Meet the Facilitators

Adrian Kowal has been consulting with yoga teachers, therapists and organisations in the wellbeing space for 12 years. He is the CEO of The Life Centre and founder of Way of Nature UK - a Rites of Passage Nature Connection retreats business. In previous professional incarnations he was an analyst at one of the largest boutique fund management companies in the UK and has founded and run businesses in retail, hospitality and entertainment. Adrian is ultra passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to build healthy cultures based on transparency and vulnerability.

Adrian Kowal bio

Alexandra Shah is Marketing Manager for Yogacampus where she has worked since 2019, collaborating with a small entrepreneurial team to market yoga trainings and courses that are helping wellbeing professionals evolve their careers. Prior to entering the yoga industry, Alex spent ten years working as a producer for commercial photographers and photographic agencies. A certified meditation and yoga teacher (Yogacampus, Triyoga), Alex teaches an accessible and steady breath led practice with a warm and creative approach.

Alex Shah bio2

Daiva Vaiciulyte is a marketing specialist helping conscious businesses and course creators gain attraction through effective and authentic communications. She specialises in email marketing, systems implementation and website design. You can find her work at . She has grown her client's social following to more than 14 000 active members and built email lists of 6000 active subscribers. Daiva is also an active climate activist (XR UK) and a founder of Extinction Rebellion Lithuania. She stands for authenticity and ethics in her marketing approach and believes in storytelling that builds communities, restores the planet, and fosters genuine relationships.


Ruth Allan is an experienced writer, editor, content creator who manages email and social marketing campaigns for The Life Centre. She’s a trustee of The Portico Library, a consultant for Time Out and has edited many publications including the Metro newspaper’s Manchester edition and the Time Out Manchester guide book. Her freelance work includes Manchester International Festival where she was programme editor as well as travel, culture and food journalism for Guardian, FT, Independent and many more. She set up the Manchester what’s on platform, Manchester Wire in 2012 which creates editorial, social and email marketing campaigns for regional clients including the Science Museum Group, Bruntwood, The National Trust, New Scientist Live and many more. She has delivered engaging writing workshops fo, among others, Google, Manchester Metropolitan University and currently offers these as part of her own yoga and writing retreats.