How To Thrive In 2022!

Join executive coach, culture builder and former yoga teacher Mark Mulligan for this 'How To Thrive in 2022' half day workshop.

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Workshop Description

Mark's chosen subject is Thriving, and his workshops have helped tens of thousands of people bounce back from challenge quickly to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled. On his journey to becoming a top coach in the corporate world for clients like Deloitte, Accenture, HSBC and The Bank Of England, Mark worked as a yoga teacher and even set up a yoga retreat centre in Goa, India (

After experiencing a major inflection point in his life, caused by the stress of being a Finance Director of a FTSE 100 company, his journey into wellbeing comes from a place of personal experience and deep compassion and care for people who are living in the shadow of stress... and struggling to break out of just surviving, and into thriving!

In the 5 modules of this four hour workshop you’ll learn the following key skills:

- Understanding Stress. You’ll discover not all stress is the same and learn the difference between good stress and bad stress. You’ll learn how to spot the early signs of stress so you can take steps to nip it in the bud.

- What is thriving for you? You’ll have an opportunity to pause, reflect, and take stock on what’s important to you in your life. You’ll discover what makes you tick - understand what a life well lived means for you and what you want to experience more of in your life.

- Your wellbeing account. You’ll discover what helps, and what sabotages you personally. We are all different, one person’s ‘help’ can be another person’s sabotage. You’ll develop an awareness of the things that have the biggest impact on you mentally, physically and emotionally.

- Tips to Thrive. We'll cut through all the overwhelming volume of advice on what we should be doing.. and learn simple proven strategies to give you the best return on your investment of effort to quickly boost your energy, your mood and your wellbeing.

- Motivation and Action Planning. You’ll learn psychological approaches to unlock your motivation, create new positive habits and create simple strategies for success.

So, in summary, you’ll discover how you can thrive more of the time!


This workshop will be online and you’ll have access to transcripts and recordings of all the modules after the event.

Meet Mark

Executive Coach & Founder of Thriving London

Hi, I’m Mark, and I want to help you bounce back from our current crisis and see you thriving in all areas of your life, more of the time!

Coronavirus is creating more stress and anxiety than ever before, which has a huge impact on individuals and organisations. We cannot control the virus, but we can influence how we respond to it!

Thriving is a coaching and cultural change model which supports people to bounce back quickly from crisis and be stronger for it. I'm passionate about helping people to build their resilience and wellbeing - as well as supporting them to connect and inspire each other.

I have worked with hundreds of organisations and have helped tens of thousands of people make positive changes in their lives. I invite you to discover how you can thrive whatever is going on around you and how you can make it contagious with the most important people in your life.

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