Managing injured students in yoga classes: The Low Back & Hip

As practicing yogis, we are all familiar with the idea of Ahimsa – doing no harm. How can we make our practice and our teaching safer for students with injuries – and how can we avoid some common yoga injuries from occurring in the first place?

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Do you sometimes wonder if your classes are safe for all your students or worry your own yoga practice might inadvertently be causing harm?

Would you benefit from revising the most common injuries we may encounter?

How do you ensure that the students who attend your classes are safe to teach and would you like to feel more confident when dealing with injured students?

This CPD course will improve your knowledge of common musculoskeletal conditions seen in the Yoga studio, in the low back and hip, improve how you interact with injured students and make you a safer yogi and teacher.

Course Description

Yoga students with injuries often show up at class and yoga is considered to be a ‘healing’ practice, yet many teachers don’t feel confident about their knowledge of common musculoskeletal conditions, or how to deal with injured students.

This short course offers a flash revision of common musculoskeletal conditions seen in adults and yoga students – in the low back and hip.

It will improve your confidence in dealing with injured students – what questions to ask, how to ask them, what modifications to consider and which postures to avoid. We will explore when to modify, when to avoid and when to refer on.

  • We will revise which types of injury are most often seen in the yoga world
  • We will review the necessary skills to feel more confident in incorporating students with injuries into general classes
  • We will explore our boundaries of competence as yoga teachers and learn how to feel safe in accepting new students into general classes
  • We will advance our skills in providing modifications
  • We will learn how to improve safety for students attending yoga classes

The knowledge learnt on this course will be immediately applicable to teaching.

Course Structure

A 6-hour training, with four hours live online and 2 hours self study to complete in between sessions. You are expected to complete the self-study element between the two live meetings, as the self study forms the basis for the final online session.

Session 1, Friday 30 September (Live Online, 16:00 to 18:00 UK time) – Introduction, basic anatomy and conditions, how we triage students

Session 2, to complete in own time prior to Session 3 Self-Study (Online Recorded) – Deep dive into the applied anatomy of the low back and hip, common conditions and more

Session 3: Saturday 1 October (Live Online, 16:00 to 18:00 UK time) – Q&A, Practical and postural exploration of these areas of the body, observation and modifications

"Anji's breadth of knowledge and ability to present information in a relevant and interesting way was amazing. The 2 hours each day flew by. The supporting materials were of a high quality and you could almost forget you were on Zoom! There was a good mix of teaching, discussion and personal study. As a yoga teacher, it was good to revisit the theory and also hear how other teachers approached supporting injured students."

What Will I Learn?

  • The anatomy of the most common musculoskeletal injuries seen in the yoga studio
  • How the low back and hip can be injured in yoga.
  • How to help students avoid and manage these injuries – with modifications and more
  • How to manage new students with injuries – before, during and after class
  • How to feel safer as a teacher & as a student

Who is this course for?

The course is open to all yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees


Recordings of the live sessions are included and available for replay for 21 days after the course ends.

You must attend the the live online sessions at the scheduled times to be certified. Catch up via recording for the Live Online sessions is not eligible for this training.


On completion of this course you will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance as evidence of CPD hours.

Related Course: Yoga for BackCare - 4 day Teacher Training

This immersive course aims to furnish teachers with knowledge of anatomy, conditions, red flags relating to lower back pain, contraindications and postures to avoid, as well as modifications and more. It will increase understanding of reasons for LBP and provide ready-made routines to teach to improve the health of the low back.

Teachers will benefit from a refresher of anatomy, pathology and practical content to increase safety of students in general classes and their own confidence in dealing with students who present with LBP.

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints in the adult population, and the most frequent reason to visit the GP. Research shows that appropriate yoga practice can both prevent and improve lower back pain. As teachers we also know of spinal injuries caused by or exacerbated by inappropriate yoga practice and this course will help you to make both your and your student’s practice safer.

Please note: this is a Yoga for BackCare training, enabling participants to offer a specialist group class, for students who wish to improve their spinal health. It is NOT a course covering Yoga Therapy and will not enable participants to work 1:1 with back pain patients.

See full details for the upcoming training here.

Meet the Teacher

Over the last 15 years she has built an area of clinical expertise in Yoga for BackCare - in private practice as an Osteopath, in the NHS, and as a teacher and educator.

Anji Gopal is a London-based Osteopath & Yoga Teacher who works with patients, students and teacher trainees on a daily basis, using Yoga as a practical and gentle way to improve health. She is a passionate advocate of using Yoga as an evidence-informed healthcare intervention.

Anji runs her own private clinic in London; an innovative yoga-based programme for NHS back pain patients in a London hospital; she teaches weekly classes at Triyoga and teaches Applied Anatomy on the Triyoga Teacher Training programme. 2021 marks the launch of a Yoga for Backcare training also available through Yogacampus.



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