Menopause Awareness for teachers of all genders

Menopause Awareness NEW 10-hour CPD course. Join Menopause Yoga leader Petra Coveney in learning to support women in the Menopause on a CPD. This CPD course is open to all genders, male, female and identifying otherwise.

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Workshop Description

All women go through the menopause, usually between the ages of 45-55 but sometimes earlier, which means that there are women in your yoga classes who are experiencing this hormonal transition from fertility to post reproductivity.

The hormone-related symptoms they experience can range from headaches, hot flushes and irritability, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue, lethargy and low mood, joint and muscle pain, digestive issues and weight gain - and many more. Long term health risks include osteopenia and osteoporosis (weakened bones), sarcopenia (muscle loss) and cardio vascular disease. Yoga can significantly help women both manage their symptoms and ease their transition through this natural but often destabilising transition.

You can learn to support women safely in your yoga classes and offer specially modified yoga practices on this NEW 10-hour CPD course led by Petra Coveney - the founder of Menopause Yoga (2013) and author of a forthcoming book ‘Menopause Yoga – a holistic guide to supporting women on their menopause journey’ to be published by Singing Dragon, in October 2021.

MY combines western medical science with eastern wellbeing to give women a toolkit of techniques to manage their symptoms, and a positive perspective of the menopause as an opportunity for self-growth. Petra’s approach helps educate women to feel empowered, so that they can embrace the menopause.

Workshop Format

This live online course is taught over two ½ days (Wednesday and Friday) from 13:00 to 17:00 UK time, with an extra two hours of self-study watching webinar videos on Petra’s website, and answering a core teachings quiz.

Petra will give live webinar-style talks, lead interactive group discussions and demonstrate key Menopause Yoga yoga asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra, and how to modify yoga practice for menopause. Trainees will practice teaching each other in online breakout rooms.

Workshop Contents

  • Welcome Introduction and discussion.
  • Definitions - What is the Menopause? Western medical science & Eastern wellbeing.
  • Stages of the menopause, Symptoms and Solutions (this is an overview only).
  • Causes – Biology, Psychology, Society (Culture, Language, and Diversity).
  • How yoga can help? Key asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra.
  • How to recognise menopause symptoms in your class,
  • How to Modify yoga practice and adapt studio setting.
  • Teaching practice in break out rooms.
  • Health Risks - signposting to support services.

What will I Learn?

On completion of this course, you will leave with:

  • an educated overview of the menopause from perimenopause to post menopause)
  • An understanding of the key symptoms of Menopause
  • An understanding of the biological causes of Menopause
  • How these may manifest in women attending your yoga classes
  • How to safely modify yoga asana and make menopausal women feel welcome in your classes
  • 10 CPD hours from Menopause Yoga and Yogacampus.

Also Included

The course includes some handout materials with key yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation etc. You are kindly requested not to reproduce these materials which are the copyright of Petra Coveney. Menopause Yoga is legally registered trademark and can only be used by qualified Menopause Yoga teachers.



This live course will NOT be recorded. The discussions may include disclosure of personal information which is confidential and must not be recorded or shared.


100% attendance is required for this course and you will be asked to submit your quiz answers before receiving a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion detailing 10 CPD hours eligible for Yoga Alliance credits.

Meet the Teacher

Petra developed Menopause Yoga as a result of going through an early menopause herself after realising there was no single source of medical advice or group support including yoga classes for menopausal women. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher with a 200+ hour British Wheel of Yoga diploma who holds an additional 200+ Yoga Alliance training qualification in Inner Axis for people experiencing stress and anxiety. She also holds a 50 hour diploma in Restorative Yoga trained by Anna Ashby and an extra 50 hours for Tapasaya Hot Yoga, trained by Kirsten Stewart.

Petra was the first yoga teacher to be accepted into the British Menopause Society for medical and health practitioners, and runs workshops with Dr Louise Newson – a leading educator and campaigner for menopause women’s rights. She was the first person to launch the UK’s first professional accredited course to train other teachers to support women going through menopause. She also runs workshops in Menopause Yoga and workshops for people on managing stress, anxiety, insomnia.

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Menopause Yoga Teacher Training

Please note that this is a two part Menopause Awareness workshop. The content of this workshop is aimed at raising awareness of the menopause, how yoga can help and how to modify your teaching to accommodate menopausal women safely in your own classes.

If you wish to gain qualification to teach using the full Menopause Yoga toolkit, you are directed to the 40-hour Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course, accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Please click the links below to view the MYTT courses for July and November 2021.

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