Moon, Sun and Fire: Awakening the True Power of Yoga, a 3-part ParaYoga® Series

This 3-part immersion takes seekers on a journey of yoga practice and wisdom weaving the philosophy of the energetics of Tantric Hatha Yoga. Using the technology of Moon, Sun and Fire, elevate your practice and growth to expand your steadiness of mind, increase your vital energy, and transform your life to flow with dharma, meaning and joy.

Tanya B with students

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Immersion Description

The ancient tradition of Tantra maps the entire spectrum and sacred journey of Hatha Yoga. According to these teachings there are three stages of practice: Moon, Sun and Fire.

The ancient wisdom describes the stages as a progression, a path of evolution for practice and the practitioner.

Understanding this progression is vital to meet your individual needs or the needs of your students. These teachings key to unlock the potential of practice, realize the ultimate promise of yoga: lasting happiness and success.

Join ParaYoga Level 3 teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Tanya Boigenzahn, for an inspiring, informative and revolutionary 3-part series. Each class will build on the next in order to elevate your practice and understanding of the science of Yoga and Tantra. Practices are designed to enliven your connection to prana (life force). Dharma talks will help transform how you see the terrain of practice, yourself and your life.

Part One: Moon Practice: Centering and Balancing

Activation of the lunar force creates healing, peace and wisdom. These practices stimulate the nurturing energy that allows us to remain calm in the midst of turbulence, steady in the midst of change. They also lead to mastery of mind and are key to awakening hidden intelligence and intuition.

Part Two: Sun Practice: Awakening the Force of Transformation

We focus on the approach to practice that links us to and allows us to master prana, or life force. Sun practices increase vitality, subtle awareness, passion, and power. They unlock the subtle forces that lead to the final stages and highest goals of practice. “Solar” energy leads to shining, both internally and externally and is the foundation for the final and most powerful stage of practice.

Part Three: Fire Practice: Discovering and Living the Ultimate Aim of Practice

The ultimate aim of Yoga practice is to awaken our inner fire - the force of Spirit. Activation of the subtle force of fire leads to extraordinary perception and living. Practice focuses on generating the energy that dissolves inertia and the final obstacles to the highest state of Yoga.

Immersion Format

Each session will weave asana, vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, lecture and Q&A.


All levels welcome - this training is open to all dedicated practitioners, trainee yoga teachers, and yoga teachers. The course is ideal for you if you wish to build a deep understanding of the wisdom of Tantra and how it relates to postural Hatha Yoga practice.


This training counts toward 9 CPD hours.


You will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion following this training stating the CPD hours (9 hours) eligible for YACEP credits.

Meet the Teacher

Tanya is the founder and director of Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness, and is an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, and Reiki Master with an emphasis in Tantra, Sri Vidya, Buddhism, and Somatic healing. She is honored to be one of the first ParaYoga® Level 3 Teachers and Certified Four Desires Trainers in the world and is a lifetime seeker and student. Tanya travels often as a guest teacher and leads retreats internationally.

Tanya’s transformative work as a teacher is to empower people with authentic and time-tested tools and teachings to help experience the sacred and reach their highest potential with skill and joy. With 30+ years of practice, she is a multi-certified yoga teacher honored to be a student of Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Indu Arora,and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ajahn Pichest Boonthamme as well as others.

Using her holistic background to help deepen students’ knowledge of traditional healing and wisdom practices, Tanya is also a registered Instructor with Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), and offers one of the only multi-level certification programs to learn the art of Thai Yoga Bodywork outside of Thailand.

In 2013, Tanya was selected by Origin Magazine as one of the top 100 Yogis Changing the World in their “Powerful Leaders” issue. She is also affiliated with the Himalayan Institute and is a featured teacher on

Annually, she offers intensives and retreats to Costa Rica, Thailand and other areas in the world with rich healing traditions to study with masters and gather authentic cultural experiences. With travel as a passion, you will often find her chanting with Buddhist monks, throwing a baseball with her son on the beach, or discovering a hidden gem café when abroad.

E-RYT 500, RTT, AYS, CHTP, YACEP, C-IAYT & Reiki Master
Certified ParaYoga® Level III Teacher & Four Desires Trainer
Owner/Director - Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness + Thai Yoga Bodywork, LLC