Pelvic Balance: Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Realignment

Join Leila Stuart to learn experiential anatomy, yoga therapy principles and somatic practices to establish pelvic integrity. Become aware of the pelvis as key to structural alignment. Explore the relationship between pelvic realignment and steady and balanced mind and emotions. Enjoy renewed ease and stability.

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Course Description

The Pelvis is the centre of the body, the "still point" around which movement of arms, legs, head and tail takes place. It is a movable yet stable structure, constantly shifting and responding to weight and load influences both from above and below. Pelvic misalignments can cause significant physical compensations in both upper and lower body as well as affect other koshas. The yoga tradition reminds us that establishing a steady foundation, or sthira, through the pelvis and the legs will also stabilize mind and emotions.

The pelvic area is important in both Eastern and Western thought. Containing the energetic core, it can be a source of great power and creativity. Through experiential anatomy, somatic inquiries and Yoga Therapy practices, we will use the koshic model to explore how to balance the pelvis so we feel more grounded and able to flow with Life. Some practices will be drawn from the book I co-authored with Donna Farhi “Pathways to a Centered Body”.

Course Structure

This blended seminar will be taught over 3 weeks in 2.5 hour live online segments plus 2.5 hours of prerecorded online material for a total of 10 contact hours. Some handouts will be provided.

Course Schedule

Three Tuesdays November 23, 30 and December 7.

All sessions run 17.00 to 19.30 UK time

What Will I Learn?

  • The role of the pelvis as key to structural alignment of the body.
  • Pelvic realignment techniques.
  • How to balance stability and flexibility to create pelvic integrity.
  • Experiential anatomy, yoga therapy principles and somatic practices to address pelvic conditions including sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • The relationship between a balanced pelvis and a steady, balanced mind and emotions.
  • The dance between Sukha and Sthira.

Who is this course for?

This course will appeal to yoga teachers, therapists, students as well as teachers of other disciplines wanting to learn a systematic approach to establish pelvic integrity and experience resilient, fluid stability.


Recordings of the live sessions are included and available for replay for 21 days after the course ends.

You must attend the the live online sessions at the scheduled times to be certified. Catch up via recording for the live online sessions is not eligible for this training.


On completion of this course you will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance as evidence of CPD hours.

Meet the Teacher

Leila Stuart BA, LLB, C-IAYT is a Registered Massage Therapist and has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years. She developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapy training for 15 years, focusing on experiential anatomy, alignment and movement repatterning and embodiment of the deeper teachings of yoga as pathways to self-healing. With a deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in transforming academic information into somatic awareness and life changing experience. She is an international teacher, online educator and conference presenter. Leila is author of The Great Yoga Handbook, co-author with Donna Farhi of Pathways to a Centered Body and is currently writing a third book to be published by Handspring Press.

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