“Physician, heal thyself!”: Sleep Recovery for those who help others

Lisa Sanfilippo

Do you find yourself saying...

I want to sleep and rest better?

I know I need to nourish myself, but in this time of crisis, I’ve been helping everyone else!

I need to do everything I can do support others, there isn’t time for me.

Workshop Description

Join Sleep Recovery expert Lisa Sanfilippo for this special one off online workshop. Learn principles of sleep recovery and yoga therapy to repair your rest, sleep deeper and feel better.

Open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and others in helping professions (massage therapists, psychotherapists, OTs, doctors, nurses, health professionals.

💤. Learn how your habits, practices and the guidance you internalise affect your sleep and what you offer others, whether as a yoga teacher/ therapist, or other health professional.

💤 Relate basic sleep science and to a yoga-based reframe of how we see our sleep.

💤. Explore the ways in which your yoga may support, and how it can sabotage your sleep.

💤 Develop a personal sleep recovery plan, and explore how this may help you to serve your students and clients better through effective modelling of the neuro-physiological states of calm and sustainable alertness.

Meet The Teacher

Lisa’s taught yoga since 2002 and maintained a private yoga therapy practice for nearly a decade. Lisa’s private practice integrates both worlds- yoga and psychotherapy, including her work on Sleep Recovery.

She learnt therapeutics in the Anusara yoga style and in training and assisting Anodea Judith, PhD (world-renowned expert on the chakras and east-west psychology- and a long term practicing psychotherapist). She is fully qualified, with an MA focused on yoga and spiritually-centred psychotherapy through CCPE/ Northampton University.

Lisa has offered training to professionals including Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Better Sleep- initially through the Minded Institute and now via Yogacampus , where she is on the faculty of the Yoga Therapy diploma. Lisa offers both teacher training and professional development at Triyoga, and mentors /supervises yoga teachers and yoga therapists by request.

Her publications include Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery (Singing Dragon, 2019), co-authored a scholarly chapter in Yoga for Mental Health (Birch and Mason, 2018) and the forthcoming Sleep Recovery (Bloomsbury, 2020). She both writes for and is often featured in health and wellbeing publications (including Balance Magazine, Marie Claire online and Evening Standard Magazine).

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Lisa Sanfilippo
Lisa Sanfilippo
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty