Creativity and Inspiration, tools to Liberate and Enhance your Creativity

This empowering and evolutionary vinyasa immersion is the only one of its kind being offered by Alessandra, founder & Director of Aditya Yoga School & Prana Flow Affiliate trainer. Alessandra will offer you the tools to liberate and enhance your creativity and inspiration, both on, and off the mat.


Creativity is like a river that is meant to flow through you. It is a powerful and natural process that, when in place, will allow you to live that life that you wish.

Immersion Description

In this immersion will look at Creativity and its positive impact on our life.

We will break down the Creative Process from a Yogic view point and acquire knowledge that will help you consolidate and streamline the process of Manifestation, that takes us form the realm of visions, seed dreams and ideas to the plane of fruition.

I will streamline the process of Creativity for yogis and offer a clear template that can be applied to your daily life to manifest your visions and Intentions.

Creativity needs to be guided by Inspiration.

There will be plenty of labs and activities during the course to exercise your Creative muscles and your Creative Brain .

When Inspiration strikes you will be ready and have the perfect recipe for creativity that has purpose, and you will be equipped with tools to follow on and get through to the manifestation of your ideas.

You will leave this course equipped with a Sadhana - Routine that includes techniques of pranayama, mudras, mantras, affirmations, meditations and other techniques that can be used in your daily practice to enhance your Creativity. By tapping into your Emotional Intelligence these techniques bring balance between the Heart and Brain, . You will leave this course with a renewed sense of enthusiasm as through Creativity and Self Expression we bring much Joy and fulfilment to our daily activities and lives.

Immersion Structure

Part One is on Friday 26 to Sunday 28 November, and Part Two on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December.

Each day you will work with the theme of your choice that includes lifestyle choices, intelligent movement, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, mantras, chants, meditations and other techniques.

Daily you will be offered lectures and creative labs, in which you will spend time developing and brainstorming ideas with Alessandra. You will expand on and complete your project at home in your own time.

All live online sessions will be recorded, and access to the recordings offered for 3 months.

Also Included

  • 60 page digital course manual
  • Access to a dedicated learning platform with abundant resources and materials for inspiration

Meet the Teacher

Alessandra is a direct student of Swami Kriyananda (Kriya Yoga disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda) from the early nineties, Patthabi Jois (the founder of Astanga Yoga) and a very dedicated student of Shiva Rea (Prana Flow Yoga) who she has assisted globally from 2009. Alessandra is currently the first Affiliate PranaFlow Trainer in the UK authorised to teach Shiva’s Teacher Training Modules.

Alessandra is a Senior Yoga Teacher SYT and founder of Aditya Yoga School that offers Vinyasa Flow Foundation 200 hrs and Advanced 300hrs Teacher Training Programmes accredited and Registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (former Yoga Alliance UK). Alessandra has been teaching Yoga for the past 15 years in London and internationally. She runs public classes in the main London Yoga Studios, offers two teachers Training courses a year (Foundation and Advanced Vinyasa Flow), workshops, CPDs, participates at Festivals and events and contributes to some of the most prestigious Yoga Magazines. She has written for Spectrum (BWY Magazine), Amrita (Yoga Alliance Professional magazine for Teachers) and Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine.

Her intention is to make the techniques of both Traditional and Modern Yoga available to all by integrating them into our daily living. This is reflected in her style: Alessandra is known for her capability to seamlessly weave Vinyasa sequences that incorporate sankalpa/intention, pranayama/breathing techniques, asana/postures, mudra/gestures, bhandas, kriyas, mantras, philosophy and history to create the rich tapestry of the class. Students are taken on a 360 degree Yoga journey where they can engage with the various aspects of this ancient discipline.

Alessandra P