Whole Brain Creativity and Neuroplasticity

Whole Brain Creativity and Neuroplasticity

In this workshop we turn the brain inside out and upside down to explore proven techniques for neuroplasticity (creating new grey matter). We’ll use movement and voice, breath and meditation and find the hidden creative potential in our non-dominant brains, including through drawing and writing.

This is a fun and informative course with the techniques being highly applicable to:

  • People working with children
  • People working with seniors
  • Those healing from trauma
  • Personal growth and understanding
  • Increase self understanding and help to reclaim child-like creativity

Beth and Kevin have been discussing this work for years and are delighted to be offering it to you for opening new ways to a healthier brain and regulated nervous system.

Part 1: New Pathways Through Movement, Breath, and Sound: Friday 30 June

In part 1 Beth will explore the science behind using the body to impact the overall health of the brain and nervous system. Recent research has found that we can't learn when our nervous system is stressed or in fear. We'll look at ways to help our learning exponentially with accessible techniques for a variety of settings.

We'll explore:

  • Brain/body games for all
  • Easy panic and stress reduction
  • Using the voice to soothe and heal
  • Eye, neck and facial neural release

Part 2: Introduction to Whole Brain Creativity/Expression Saturday 1 July

The intention of this course is to introduce the idea of focusing one’s awareness through the practices of visual art in order to encourage self discovery and personal creative expression, engaging the whole brain and body on paper using everyday materials and then applying these skills into life.

Students will learn:

  • Focused whole brain drawing and writing
    Techniques for self discovery
  • Practices to reawaken your child-like creativity
  • Skills that can transfer to improve your everyday life

In Part 2 you will be provided with paths into experiencing a creative process using affordable, low anxiety materials (i.e.pencil, paper, scissors, tape) to explore a unique self expression.

Materials to have ready to use during the sessions:

Paper, pen, pencil, scissors, and tape.

Course Format

6 hours live online, a combination of lecture, experiential practice and Q&A.


This CPD counts for 6 Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance.


The live session is recorded and access to replay is included for 21 days after the event.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion.

Meet the Teachers

Beth Spindler is the author of Yoga Therapy for Fear, Treating Anxiety, Depression and Rage with the Vagus Nerve and Other Techniques. Her new book is Trauma-Aware Yoga and Movement Therapeutics for Older Adults, Managing Common Conditions by Healing the Nervous System First. She leads educational workshops worldwide.

Kevin Richardson is a designer and multimedia artist, he was a professor of design and illustration at Drury University, as well as teaching and directing programs in the Pennsylvania area. His book Scribble, published in 2008, was his first foray into brain exploration via the creative process. Kevin now focuses on the field of neuro aesthetics and healing through the arts.

Beth Spindler Therapy.