Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity, Teacher Training

Being creative is a skill that contributes dramatically to children’s well-being and development. This children’s yoga teacher training course was created to harness this skill. Unique and taught in a ‘live online’ format, the course equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to share the magic of yoga with kids aged 2-12. Covering a range of teaching techniques and approaches to teaching yoga to children, participants learn how to empower kids through yoga by stimulating their creativity and curiosity, supporting their well-being, and acknowledging their inner beauty. Run over 6 days, it is a comprehensive and registered 50-hour yoga teacher training course. It is ideal for yoga teachers who are looking to add or deepen their ability to work with children; teachers, education professionals, carers and anyone working with children.

Ayala and son

Children are born creative, with an inherent curiosity and endless imagination. As adults, it is our responsibility to nourish these natural traits in children. Because being creative allows our little ones to find solutions to everyday issues, to be able to see two sides of the coin, take risks, and face fears.
Ayala Homossany

Course Summary

The course focuses on delivering new methods of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children in age groups of: 2-5 years, 5-8 years, and 8-12 years moving progressively from one group to the next with creativity as the anchor.

Challenging the traditional teaching paradigm (yoga and non-yoga alike) to encourage an innovative learning environment, this course gives you the tools to develop your own approach to teaching yoga to children. It recognises the importance of various learning methods such as visual, musical, linguistical, kin-aesthetic, mathematical whether taking place in a community or privately.

The teaching, design and curriculum of this course are guided by these four principles:

  • Yoga can be used as a tool and as a spring board for children to explore the endless possibilities of the world around them. Yoga inspires creative play, enhanced learning abilities, and self-expression;
  • ’Sharing’ yoga with children in an inclusive way, based on progressive and experiential methods that help bring out the best in them;
  • There are no rights or wrongs in sharing yoga with children and you will develop your own approach and style;
  • Learning is done in a variety of ways including from learning from the diverse body of course participants, each bringing their own experience and views.

Course Description

The course covers:

  • How to encourage creativity and curiosity in children using yoga;The relationship between self-practice and intuitive teaching;
  • The connection between creativity and anxiety and how to empower children;
  • The Diversity of Learning, the 8 limbs with an emphasis on the Yamas and Niyamas in children’s yoga classes;
  • The power of Mindful self compassion affirmations;
  • The use of different learning aids and their benefits;
  • How to engage children with asana poses through association and creativity;
  • Specific modified restorative yoga practices for children;
  • Breath awareness, pranayama and meditation practices to relevant age groups;
  • Child Development;
  • Experimental anatomy;
  • Self-care for Children and Adults;
  • The relationship between behaviour and communication;
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Setting up a class, teaching ethos;
  • Different approaches for creating experimental learning environments;
  • Observe a live children’s and a family yoga class;
  • Yoga in Different Settings;
  • Introduction to yoga for children with additional needs;
  • Setting up your own business;
  • How to lead virtual children classes;

The course is offered as a blended learning course, with live online sessions delivered via Zoom

Live sessions include:

  • Group discussions and feedback
  • Lectures and Practices
  • Guest teachers in specialist topics
  • Teacher led discussions
  • Small group and whole group practical teaching exercises.
  • Interactive sessions with guest teachers;

Please note that it is extremely important that you are actively involved in the course, by participating in the course forum and in your group assignments, and by attending every online session. This is not a self-study course.

Course Structure

The course spans over three Teaching Weekends which will take place:

1st weekend: 24 and 25 April 2021

2nd weekend: 15 and 16 May 2021

3rd weekend: 12 and 13 June 2021

Each day is run from 9.00 to 17.00 UK time (with an hour and a half lunch break). Between teaching weekends, you will have online written assignments to complete. The structure of each day is as follows:

9.00-11.00 first session
11.30-13.30 second session
15.00-17.00 third session

Course Assignments

You will be required to:

  • Submit a pre-course work which includes a reading assignment (30 mins);
  • Participate in the course online discussion forum;
  • Lead a short practice;
  • Offer feedback on other participants’ recorded short practices;
  • Prepare for each coming session by completing assignment;
  • submit end of the course work.

What Will I Learn?

This course will empower you, among others, to:

  • Develop your own personal method of sharing yoga with children aged 2-12 year old;
  • Gain deeper understanding of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children;
  • Understand how to incorporate the yoga practices and different techniques with different age groups;
  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills with children, parents, teachers and carers;
  • Explore the connection between yoga and creativity, understand the traits that are needed to be supported in stimulating creativity in children and how to stimulate and enhance curiosity and creativity in children;
  • Understand how yoga is being introduced to schools and the educational system.

Who is the Course for?

  • Yoga teachers looking to add or deepen their ability to share yoga with children;
  • Experienced teachers and people with background in education.
  • Carers, nannies, parents and anyone working with children with a minimum of 2 years yoga practice.


This course will not be recorded and participation in all live sessions is essential for certification.

Additional Information

Prior to the beginning of the course, participants will receive a unique inspiration learning pack created by Ayala to aid with your self-study and creative engagement during the course. Participants will receive a set of the Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards, a membership to the ECYC Sangha Facebook Group and to a private ECYC WhatsApp group for your intake.

Meet the Teacher

Ayala Homossany

The course is led by Ayala Homossany, with contributions from specialist teachers and guest speakers.

Ayala Homossany is passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga and creativity to children. A mother to three boys, she is the creator of the award-winning Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards; a yoga teacher trainer with extensive experience spanning 15+ years, and a professional in working with families, toddlers, children, teens and children with special needs. She has designed this progressive children’s yoga teacher training course to empower students to move away from traditional models of teaching and embrace new and independent methods of pedagogy in order to meet each child as they deserve to be met.
Ayala holds a BSc in Visual Communication Design and Education from The Holon Institute of Technology.

Ayala portrait garden

Guest Teachers

Each weekend throughout the course includes a live discussion or a learning call with a guest speaker and the students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and practices with the guest speakers. Some of our guest teachers are: Lisa Kaley-Isley (Yoga for Children’s Anxiety) and Suzy Reading (Self Care for Children, Carers and Teachers). Additional guest teachers will join the training to add on the experience and exploration of the learning.

After the Course

After completing the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to share yoga, mindfulness and creativity with children ages 2-12 year old, while empowering them by stimulating their creativity and curiosity, supporting their well-being and acknowledging their inner beauty.


Upon successful completion of all elements of the course you will receive a certificate of completion from Enchanted Wonders and Yogacampus which enables you to share yoga and mindfulness to children aged 2-12.

The course is accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals enabling you to register as a professional with them.

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