Menopause Yoga Teacher Training

Menopause Yoga seeks to educate and empower you to help women to embrace menopause as an opportunity for self-growth. This live online training brings together the latest western medical science with eastern wellbeing practices, including yoga, breathwork, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi Gong and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The teacher training also touches upon nutrition, natural remedies and complementary therapies to help you manage the main menopause symptoms.

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This course is open to all women yoga teachers - unlike some of the Menopause Yoga trainings, you do not need to be in a stage of menopause. The structure of the course is focused primary on professional development to give you the tools to support menopausal women in your classes.

The structure still involves group work in women's circle conversations, adapting the tone to refer to offering practices to menopausal women, rather than talking from personal experience. Students will look at how to become aware of menopausal women in general yoga classes, and how to modify practice for them.**

Course Description

What is Menopause Yoga? (MY)™

Learn how to support those going through perimenopause, menopause and post menopause on the UK’s first Menopause Yoga (MY) & Wellbeing Teacher Training Module. MY includes both a positive approach to menopause and a toolkit of techniques to support everyone on their menopause journey.

Please note: This is a Menopause Yoga Teacher Training for teachers who are NOT in a stage of menopause but have a strong interest in working with women who are experiencing menopause.

This training can be used for both personal and professional development. It is recognised by the British Wheel of Yoga as a Weekend Training Module and by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a 40-hour Teacher Training.

Course Structure

NEW! MENOPAUSE YOGA TT COURSE for teachers who are not in a stage of menopause.

​This 40 Hour TT course enables you to teach MY classes and does not enable you to teach one-to-one classes.

​This course includes all of the same factual content as the other 40 Hour Menopause Yoga TTs, except for the elements aimed at personal transformation. The teachers on this course will be motivated by an interest in supporting women going through menopause, and educating themselves about the hormonal changes that they may experience.

At the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of the hormone changes taking place in a woman's body and how this can lead to physical and emotional symptoms ranging from Hot Flushes, Dizziness, Joint and Muscle pain, nerve pain in legs and arms, Headaches, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Irritability, Feeling Overwhelmed and low mood and lethargy.

You'll receive

  • expert medical information on Hormone Replacement Therapy and Nutrition for menopause, from Menopause specialist GPs, as well as general guidelines on safe practices for women with weakened bones (osteopenia).
  • ​You will be able to teach 4 main Menopause Yoga sequences to help women manage these symptoms, how to modify poses for menopause, understand how to hold space in woman's circle discussions, and practice Journal writing as the gateway to self knowledge.
  • Graduates will have access to a library of videos including MY classes, Guest Speakers, Teacher Talks, and other webinars on marketing to promote your events.

Course Dates

Thursdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 November 2021, 10.00 to 17.00 (UK time): 4 module dates.

The online course content includes guest speaker lectures, videos of the 4 main Menopause Yoga sequences and a sleep preparation sequence, guided meditations, discussion forum and other written articles. These will be available to watch as part of the course outside of the live sessions.

During the training students will work in pairs to practise teaching each other the yoga sequences and there will be a final teaching assessment for which you will need to prepare a class plan.

What Will I Learn?

The method educates by providing trusted information in a supportive and confidential space, plus a tool kit of techniques that can be taken home and used according to individual needs.

The toolkit includes:

  • Specially adapted asana, breathing, CBT and meditation techniques.
  • Information about nutrition, natural remedies, supplements and other lifestyle changes
  • Skills to ensure students can ‘Nurture & Nourish’ their way through menopause.
  • Graduates will be able to run Menopause Yoga & Wellbeing© workshops and classes

The course is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance professionals in the UK.

Please note: Graduates automatically receive a Letter of Authenticity from YAP but can elect to receive a BWY certificate.

Graduates will be qualified to lead Menopause Yoga workshops and group classes. This training does not qualify you to offer one-to-one classes with individuals and you are strongly advised not to offer personal medical advice unless you are medically trained in this field.

Who is the Course for?

This NEW Menopause Yoga Course is designed especially for teachers who are NOT in a stage of menopause but want to learn how to support women in their classes.

Please complete the Pre Course Registration Form (download at the end of the course description) after booking and provide details of your teacher training, as well as expanding on your interest in this course. This needs to be emailed to as soon as you book.

If you are interested in teaching Menopause Yoga but are not yet in menopause Petra is offering a similar course to this one for teachers not yet be in menopause. See menopause yoga training for all teachers.

How do I apply?

If you meet the eligibility criteria stated above, you can book online using the link opposite. But please note that you must also download and complete the Pre Course Registration Form below and email it to

Trainees will also receive:

  • MY course manual
  • Membership of the Facebook Menopause Yoga Teachers’ Group
  • Inclusion in a What’s App TT group
  • Discount codes for various menopause related products
  • You may also opt in to receive Petra Coveney’s Menopause Yoga monthly newsletter with updates on news, events, yoga and products relating to menopause.


On completion of the course you will receive a hard copy certificate from the British Wheel of Yoga.

This training is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Menopause Yoga.

Yogacampus Diversity and Accessibility Bursary

We are offering one part-funded bursary (50% off the full course price) to a dedicated yoga student with a demonstrated financial need and active involvement in a community that could benefit from yoga.

The bursary is provided by Yogacampus – The Life Centre Education, a not-for-profit educational body committed to sharing knowledge and making yoga accessible to all.

Bursary places will be awarded to teachers or trainees who have the ability and commitment to take the course teachings into a disadvantaged community and play their part in the drive to increase accessibility to these profoundly healing practices.

Priority will be given to those who themselves are from marginalised or vulnerable groups or are from a minority ethnic background.

**The bursary place for this intake has now been allocated. Please email for further information on bursaries for future intakes**

Notification of bursary acceptance will be sent out the following week.

Meet The Teacher

Petra developed Menopause Yoga as a result of going through an early menopause herself after realising there was no single source of medical advice or group support including yoga classes for menopausal women. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher with a 200+ hour British Wheel of Yoga diploma who holds an additional 200+ Yoga Alliance training qualification in Inner Axis for people experiencing stress and anxiety. She also holds a 50 hour diploma in Restorative Yoga trained by Anna Ashby and an extra 50 hours for Tapasaya Hot Yoga, trained by Kirsten Stewart.

Petra was the first yoga teacher to be accepted into the British Menopause Society for medical and health practitioners, and runs workshops with Dr Louise Newson – a leading educator and campaigner for menopause women’s rights. She was the first person to launch the UK’s first professional accredited course to train other teachers to support women going through menopause. She also runs workshops in Menopause Yoga and workshops for people on managing stress, anxiety, insomnia.

The course is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals, the international organisation.

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