Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Minds, Meridians, Moments (In Person)

Yogacampus Finsbury Park, London

This five-day (40-hour) Yoga Alliance accredited Yin yoga in person training course with Norman Blair gives participants space to study and to explore this increasingly popular yoga practice. Yin yoga can give us the space to slow down and to savour the experience of being in postures.

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What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga can give us the space to slow down, a chance to stay with our experiences rather than always rushing. In a Yin yoga practice, all the postures are held for sustained periods of time (often five minutes). Within these long holds, there is an encouragement of softness and an emphasis on relaxing muscular tissue. Through these attitudes there can be a gaining of harmony and peace: so there is a greater ease, a deeper sense of balance, feelings of calmness and acceptance.

Course Description

This five day training will explore the possibilities and examine the potentials of this increasingly popular practice. We will embed ourselves in the practice: looking at the postures, discussing variations and learning teaching skills.

The intention of this course is to equip students with the skills needed to lead Yin Yoga classes. This covers the principles of Yin yoga, anatomy of Yin postures, how to practice and teach the ten main Yin postures including options for hyper-mobility and contraindications, Yin postures for meditation, how to talk students into postures, how to describe and market Yin yoga classes and individual detailed guidance on developing a personal practice.

Course Structure

Limited to just 25, this five-day training will explore the possibilities and examine the potentials of this practice. We will embed ourselves in the practice:

  • looking at the postures, discussing variations and learning teaching skills
  • investigating the postures, studying examples of sequencing and focusing plenty of time on evaluating our own experience

By the end of the training you will have a flavour of this work and an appreciation for the depth of the study. It is hoped that this will support your own health and way of living and that you may begin to incorporate this learning into your teaching.

In addition to the face to face sessions you will have access to three 45 minute lectures and a two-hour Yin classes taught by Norman. To complete the training you will also need to submit a 1,000 word essay.

What Will I Learn?

Central themes covered by Norman will include awareness, intention, attending to the individuality of anatomy: each of us having our own unique biology, and our own unique biography. You will learn and experience sequences that can deepen inner quietening, that can open the hips and other emotional centres of the body, and that can encourage self-reflection.

  • explore the relationship between Yin yoga and meditation
  • understand the precautions and the possibilities of Yin yoga
  • learn about meridians and how Yin yoga might influence energy flows
  • examine the differences between Yin yoga, Restorative yoga and dynamic yoga
  • how to do Yin yoga in different ways (with props, without props and more)
  • the history of Yin yoga
  • examine some of the theories behind Yin yoga


On satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion.

Hours and Accreditation

This course counts for 40 training hours eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education (YACEP) credits.

Yogacampus Diversity and Accessibility Bursary

We are offering two part-funded bursaries (50% off the full course price) to dedicated yoga students with a demonstrated financial need and active involvement in a community that could benefit from yoga.

These bursaries are provided by Yogacampus – The Life Centre Education, a not-for-profit educational body committed to sharing knowledge and making yoga accessible to all. Bursary places will be awarded to teachers or trainees who have the ability and commitment to take the course teachings into a disadvantaged community and play their part in the drive to increase accessibility to these profoundly healing practices. Priority will be given to those who themselves are from marginalised or vulnerable groups or are from a minority ethnic background.

To apply please fill in the form at this link before the deadline of 21 May 2023. We look forward to hearing from you.

Notification of bursary acceptance will be sent out the following week.

Meet the Teacher

Norman Blair has been practising yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. He believes that yoga is accessible to all of us and that through regular practice, we can experience profound changes in our mind and body. He is one of the most experienced yin yoga teachers in the UK and weaves this wonderful practice with his own background of Ashtanga and meditation to create a potent mix. He has been a long-term student with teachers such as Sarah Powers, Hamish Hendry, Judith Lasater and Alaric Newcombe.

yin yoga teacher Norman Blair.

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