Prana in Action: How to Teach an Integrated Breath-led Practice

In this 5-day Intensive, we will journey deeply into the experience of the breath as a tool for deepening the practice of yoga.

Course Information

We all know as teachers that the breath is key to a transformative practice. But how integrated is the way we teach the breath in relation to other elements of a class? In this 5-day training we will journey deeply into the experience of the breath as a tool for deepening the practice of yoga. We will look in detail at how breath supports asana, asanas for emphasising different phases and functions of the breath, the theory of prana and safe introduction of pranayama. We will also touch on basic therapeutic applications of breath, exploring ways in which breathing techniques can balance mind and body.

Topics to be covered

• Relaxing the breath – how to encourage healthy passive breath
• Ujjayi – the key to unlocking prana. A thorough exploration.
• How the breath surrounds the asana – leading movement from breath
• Theory of prana and prana vayus
• Using sound and mantra to emphasise and extend the breath
• Pranayama: how to transition into pleasant and safe practices.
• Breath and pranayama as a therapeutic tool

What will student gain from coming to training

• An indepth experience of breath led yoga to support their own practice
• How to effectively lead students in an experience of deepening connection with the breath
• Clarity about function of the breath and asana in relation to basic therapeutic application
• Practical methodology for introducing Ujjayi and other pranayama techniques to students of all levels
• A greater understanding of the theory of prana and how it impacts our life.
• How to support students with home practices

Daily schedule


  • Breath investigation-experiential practices
  • Where the breath moves,practicing Ujjayi
  • Beginning to unite breath and movement


  • The breath and prana (ancient texts and modern perspective)
  • Supporting asana with breath
  • Emphasising breath with asana


  • Mantra and bhavana (ancient texts and modern perspective)
  • Practising using sound and mantra
  • Learning how to extend breath
  • Learning about langhana and brahmana


  • Pranayama( ancient texts and modern perspective)
  • How to prepare students for pranayama
  • Simple pranayama practices suitable for all
  • Progression of practice
  • Integrating mantra/intention


  • Mindful breathing mindful teaching
  • Consolidation
  • How we can really support our students to have a home practice
  • Therapeutic application of the breath


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion on attending the full course.

Course Information